Anyone else having problems with itunes 7.0 & WoW?

Stuttering and sped up music. This is a real real drag, as I always listen to itunes while playing WoW or any other MMO. Any help/advice much appreciated.


Windows? No problems on my Mac.

Well, since you said any help…

Ditch iTunes and get Media Monkey instead.

All quicktime audio fucks up on me since a few versions back, if I have any other audio device running. Winamp, quicktime fucks up. Skype? Quicktime fucks up. WoW? Quicktime fucks up.

I just chalk it up to the same old lack of Apple ability when it comes to making windows apps.

Wow, is Apple going to sue those guys? I mean, it looks like iTunes 8 (Bloat edition).

Itunes 7 is not playing nice with Teamspeak.

Media Monkey can play iTunes stuff inherently? Can it also import iTunes playlists? If so that’d be awesome. Is it nice on the system or is it cpu/ram heavy?

Media Monkey sucks. Tried it, deleted it.

Nothing but iTunes can play iTunes Music Store purchased FairPlay DRM files unless you crack them.

Since you don’t explain your position I’m forced to reply with NO U SUCK.

I have a digital music library of roughly 20,000 songs and iTunes just chokes on it. Even something simple as scrolling down the song list lags.

Media Monkey is small, responsive, and extremely powerful. And it integrates with your ipod/digital music player.

Well, my issue is that much of my music is bought from the Itunes store, so I have to have Itunes to play it. I have no plans/intention to change from a Windows based computer.

Dunno, maybe it’s my overall computer, which is having problems too. Anyone want to recommend a Windows repair consultant? Just so frustrating!!!


iTunes sucks, unfortunately. I get the same problems with WoW, EVE, etc. Any other player I’ve tried (Winamp, foobar2k, VLC) have been fine. So I’ve ditched iTunes.

It’s not your computer, it’s quicktime/itunes. Apple broke it. Spam their itunes customer support people. They have those right? To support the product they sold you?

Sounds like an iTunes on Windows thing, because on my Mac I was listening to Gomez last night while swimming around the Vile Reef looking for clams and had no problems. On a side note, that reef sort of makes me feel sick as I can lose my sense of which way is up. I suppose I should stay away from real scuba diving.

Link says it all:

They didn’t sell you anything, iTunes is free.

That would be my diagnosis as well: iTunes 7 eating up massive amounts of RAM.

And yet, Lorini says (s)he has to use it because she bought music from them. If Apple won’t make sure their required player works for things you bought from them, then they suck.

Weird. My iTunes 7 uses 120MB and less than 2% CPU while playing. No problems with WoW.

Stupidly, I allowed iTunes t update to version 7, and it is fricking awful. It’s pretty, but I’m having crashing issues when I run it alongside other programs. Not only that, I get some stupid sounding static-y replay that Iv’e never had before.

I could have sworn I saw a post somewhere about a tool that reverts iTunes 7 back to iTunes 6 and keeps all your stuff intact. Anyone have any idea what I’m referring to? I could have seen it on or Tech Report too.