Anyone else looking forward to cossacks II?

Ok so its still pretty much isometric (unlike Imperial Glory) but you can’t argue with an RTS with 64,000 units in can you?
15 april here in the UK, elsewhere a bit earlier as I recall. Any cossacks diehards here?

I think Cossacks is another one of those places where I just don’t get Europe. ;) I know that it sold millions of copies over there but I never understood what all the fuss was about.

Most of my problems were interface related, but aside from the canned scenarios, I never saw any of those huge battles I was promised. The AI tended to the trickle-in theory of conquest and never protected its artillery.

American Conquest just confirmed me in my bafflement at the series, especially when wildlife would kill more men than a stray cannonball. By all accounts the recent Alexander game was as much a disaster as the film it was based on.

If there’s a demo I’ll try it since I’m a sucker for historical strategy, but with Age of Empires 3 on the horizon and Imperial Glory right around the corner, I think my desire for musketry will be satisfied elsewhere.


Well I agree alexander was a bit kak. Where cossacks really shone was the multiplayer maps. Once you get used to multiplayer RTS games with thousands of units, the 200 unit cap in most RTS games just seems a bit tragic!
I agree the AI was a bit predictable and a bit dissapointing, but the real beuaty of the game was in LAN mode.
I was looking forward to Empire Earth too, but the recent demo was a bit ‘meh’. Plus it ran like a pig.

Bigger isn’t always better, of course. Rise of Nations, Kohan, Age of Mythology…all pretty small armies but great games.


I’m still trying to figure out The Entente.
What’s the point of advertising zillion unit battles if you can only grab 75 at a time?

I don’t see where mass armies means better either. Usually it just is you have a really big mass of confusion instead of a smaller one. Only game I’ve liked with lots of units is Total War.

Not to derail, but do you have any new games out Cliff?

Well, Cossacks and American Conquest let you use formations, but to group them you had to have the magic number of soldiers. Too few and it wouldn’t happen. However, if some of them died, they kept their formation.

Without formations, though, it did degenerate into just insane melee combat. Alexander seemed to do away with the formations, which seems silly since that’s the only way to maintain any order with hundreds of units.

The Cossacks artwork is pretty good, at least on buildings and ships. The soldiers are pretty disappointing looking.