Anyone else playing Demon's Souls?

I haven’t played all of them, but I think I agree that the setting in Demon’s Souls might be the strongest. It definitely feels more tragic than the others.

This game is hard.

Where did you get to? If I were you I’d guess you just got to the Black Knight with the red eyes. But since you’re you, I’m going to guess you already beat the first two bosses 1-1, and 1-2, and are now in either 2-1 or 2-2.

Scott, I haven’t read back in the thread too much, but if you are on PS3 a private server is being maintained:

I played through in December and it was pretty great - not a huge amount of people on at any one time, but something.

May have to check this out, thanks for posting! I had no idea it existed.

Not very far at all. Still exploring around the first bit of the first level. No bosses encountered yet. Not having the crutch of a bonfire (who would of thought of a bonfire as a crutch?) is really throwing me off.

I found the first shortcut. Helped out a cool looking NPC sporting a badass sword and shield. Went down some stairs to where a few drakes were hanging out (backed the F out of there, as they were surrounded by smoldering corpses). And encountered a bridge with a bunch of enemies on it.

As I expected, as soon as I put a foot on that bridge a drake came out of nowhere. What surprised me is that it didn’t burn up everyone on the bridge. It just, flew off…

I attempted to slowly pull and kill enemies 1 and 2 at a time until I grew impatient and just ran across the bridge. Big mistake. I was soon backed into a corner and dog-piled. Dead.

I have a lot of souls. I need to get those souls back. But not being able to level yet has me trying to play cautious. It’s a real conundrum!

It’s been mentioned several times in this thread! Most recently by me a couple of days ago.


I think anytime I see something about some mod or private server or what have you, I tend to skip it because that’s usually not my thing.

Sorry! I probably just skimmed those posts.

Yeah, I just skipped it when I played in March, buy if I play again I’ll probably check it out. I know they do world tendency events and such.

I used the private server, lots of messages preserved. And world tendency can be changed. Very useful to get the secret parts of the game…

Yes, I think it’s worth it just for the messages - even though there is less traffic, quite a few payer-written messages seem to persist for a long time so it is good.

I loved the world-tendency metagame when going for the platinum, and that platinum is the best one I’ve ever encountered for the amount of thought put into it, as it makes you see almost everything in the game (and there’s a lot there).

Demon’s Souls, Demon’s Souls
Gonna suck some demon souls
Cast a spell
Stab a dude
Watch out or you’re demon food

I’ve been plinking away at this slowly. I figured out how to bait the one drake so it flies over to the bridge, while I run back to the scorched perch to pick up as many items as possible before it returns. And then I spent an obscene amount of time trying to kill the Red-Eyed Knight. I got close a few times, but I got tired of running all the way back up to him each time to grab the increasingly large (worryingly so) pile of souls I have no way of spending yet.

So I figured what the hell, let’s do this first boss. Fog gate is right by the bonfire anyway.

I’m sure my method of killing Phalanx wasn’t ideal (running around, drawing slimes away, killing them one by one) since it took a god awful amount of time, but I beat it on my first go, and now I can finally spend all these souls I’ve been carrying around.

Will probably go back and kill that Red Eyed Knight now before venturing forth to the next level.

Good work! Have you decided on a class/how you’re going to play yet? i.e. sword and board, magic user etc? The Archstones are available now so you don’t need to be discouraged if you hit a roadblock in any level. Good luck :)

Thanks ; )

I plan to just go generic sword/board strength or quality build, with maybe a big two hander in my future down the line. I assume the builds in Demon’s Souls are similar to the other souls games?

I haven’t explored the Nexus much post Phalanx, the Archstones will take me to different worlds, right? So there isn’t a linear path? I can go wherever?

edit: going to try and get onto that private server tonight. I tried playing offline, but I miss messages too much.

You can go to any of the 5 arch stones and make progress through their respected areas after clearing 1-1. Sort of unique in the ‘Souls’ games. There is only one blocker in world 1 which requires you clear another world completely first in order to progress. I think they didn’t want you entering a late game area too early and getting frustrated.

Does the difficulty increase with each world? Or, as you get to the different levels of each world?

Like is 1-1 comparable to 2-1 and 3-1, and then 1-2, 2-2, 3-2 are more difficult?

Should I even worry about this? haha

It’s more of a survivability thing - the levels generally become longer and have tougher enemies.

I would say 1-1, 1-2 and 2-1 are on the same level.
4-1 is tougher but there’s a nice weapon near the start if you are struggling (it is good for any build near the start of the game, but better for magic users later on).
3-1 and 5-1 are… experiences. Leave them till you’ve done the others, I would say.

I would not worry about the red eyed knight for now.

The rumor that they have Demon’s Souls being released for the PS4 as a remaster continues to spread on various websites. This time because someone said, as a hint, that the soul still burns. Now that, to me, would be an indication that Soul Calibur is getting a remaster, right? Isn’t that a phrase from the Soul Calibur games? That the Soul still burns? Why would that be a hint that they’re working on a remastered Demon’s Souls?