Anyone else playing Demon's Souls?

No, that is the end of that characters’ arc. This is remixed in Dark Souls actually.

Not sure what you mean here. Did you kill him in 3-2 or in the Nexus upstairs? Either way he is perma dead if you killed him.

If you talk to the nexus guy enough times he kills himself.

Nexus upstairs.

Good to know I didn’t accidentally kill him. BTW, why did the developer change the name from Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls in the follow-up games?

Demon’s Souls is a Sony IP. Sony famously didn’t think the game was going to be a success in the US/Europe and actually didn’t even publish it in those territories letting other publishers do it. It blew up of course and before Sony could lock down a sequel Bandai Namco had approached From and said “can you make a game like that for us?” which leads to Dark Souls which is not an official sequel.

Yup, blame Sony. 100% their fault. Dark Souls is spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls since they couldn’t just make Demon’s Souls 2 without Sony.

It’s actually a good thing though. Can you imagine if FromSoft Souls games remained locked in Sony’s IP toolshed?

Is Dark Souls 3 good?

Yes. It’s excellent. Though I think Dark Souls Remastered should be your next step once you finish Demon’s Souls. It won’t look nearly as good, but I think you’ll appreciate the genius level design. It really is amazing.

it is great, very smooth, you have multiple “bonfires” in a level where you can rest and where you respawn when you die. Coop is great, great levels, great atmossphere.

Dark Souls 1 is special in the way that, imagine that all levels in Demons Souls where connected without loading screens. That’s how Dark Souls works. Dark Souls 3 is a little bit disjointed, somewhere between Demons Souls and Dark Souls 3. Some levels are speparated… but it looks fantastic.

While not a bad move, Bloodborne is part of the PS plus collections so @jpinard should have access to that without having to buy anything, and IMO that is the best game they’ve made.

I’m on the boss that sucks out soul levels. GAH! Any tips for this dude?

That has a long wind-up, keep your distance or interrupt with magic or an arrow to the knee.


While he should play that I wouldn’t do it you played DS1 and DS2. It fits perfectly between DS2 and DS3 because it introduces you to the speed changes in the game between the 2.

And Bloodborne exists because it is again a Sony product.

Dark Souls is the sequel to Demons Souls if you get the bad ending, and Bloodborne is the sequel if you get the good ending.

At least, according to internet people.

May sound weird, but Demon’s Souls gorgeousness I doubt I could go back and play what feels like lo-fi version of these games which was I’d originally picked to look at just Dark Souls 3. But I’ve had Bloodborne for a long time and just never played it. Guess it’s on deck now?

You could wait and see if a PS5 patch so it can run at 60 fps ever arrives. This is the dream.

I played a tiny bit. Wow it feels clunky compared to Demon’s Souls.

Hah, Demon’s Souls was the clunkiest one before the remake. It’s all relative.

Yeah, no. I can’t fathom a story connection between these games at all. All three are very different/self-contained universes.