Anyone else playing Demon's Souls?

I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but world tendency is a terrible awful system. I may have fucked myself by dying in human form several times without realizing it affects WT. If anyone is playing and wants to set up some password-based invasions let me know.

Wow, I think we played different games.

I am using a phone for the first time and I now know what a crapshoot that can be. :)

That post was about DS3 though.


I’m pretty sure there are entire server farms dedicated to holding all the bits about this conversation topic.

spent the weekend dying in the Tower of Latria. Still a brutal place. And I got lost so many times. And then I had to re-learn how to beat that jerk phantom in front of the Fools Idol boss. And then I died a couple of times to the fools idol.

I remembered that fight to be easier.

Sorry, Red Dragon, you have to go. I need safe passage over the bridge. 50 Arrows and a short bow +5 did it.

Tower Knight was easy on the second try. I still don’t feel ot to fight the spider boss, so Shrine of Storms is it … World 4 is my favourite place in this game. Followed by the palace.

This game is eating up my time again. I did Shrine of Storms before the spider boss. I want to be overpowered before going to the spider.

The Adjudicator is not a hard boss if you don’t try to fight him from above, because his tongue will get you. It got me. Once. And the run to the boss is very long, so I looked up a shortcut, and there actually is one. An unofficial shortcut including rolling off a wall. Wow, it worked! On the 2nd try the boss and his little bird were no problem. Now I feel better, spider boss here I come…

I could never pull off that shortcut! No matter how I approached that little wall thing, I just couldn’t figure it out. That run to Adjud. is brutal!

I unequpied my kite shield, and then I was light enough (wizard guy, not much armor).

World tendency question:

I want to shift the Prison to pure white in order to get the Dragon Crusher or whatever that sword is called. I think I died while human once here before I knew that was a no-no. So, without begging help from a reddit thread or something, I think I can do it solo by:

  • I’ve beaten boss 1 (but crucially not boss 2), so have access to area 3-2 where the primeval demon is.
  • Get to pure black tendency in order to make Black Phantom Rhydell and the primeval demon appear.
  • Without returning to the Nexus (so I can stay pure black), defeat both BP Rhydell and the primeval demon. That should shift me most of the way to pure white.
  • Return to the Nexus then come back and beat boss 2, which should give me pure white, right?

I think that should work.

Man, it’s been a while, my first 100% trophy of this game was Jan 2010! I didn’t even remember where the primeval demons were at this point, but the wiki still has the same maps I remember :)

After Ryd(y)ell and primeval, but before you go back to 3-2 to fight the boss, remember to die in the nexus again, so you don’t accidentally die as human in 3-* and -1 it again before Manseater dies.

Thanks, it totally worked. Got world 3 to pure white… but the Dragon Smasher is in 2-3, not 3-2. Doh. Got it anyway and it rocks!

Thanks! I actually died before going back to take out Rydell and the primeval, but I did have to go back to the Nexus to shift world tendency to mostly white before fighting Maneater. (And oh man, Maneaters were total pushovers with the Dragon Smasher. 4 hits each. Took out the first while he was summoning the second.)

Yeah sorry I was a bit confused because I knew the smasher was in world 2 but I assumed I misunderstood.

Glad you got it though! That was my main weapon throughout my playthrough. El Ka-bong!

I beat the game last week. Once I had the Dragon Bone Smasher all the bosses were pretty trivial. I did the whole questline (that would be impossible to figure out without a guide) to get Curse Weapon from the witch, but I didn’t even really need to use it. The game’s difficulty peaks at about 5-1 and then gets easier and easier from there. I really enjoyed it though and glad I got through it. (This is my third attempt over the years.) The remake is stunningly gorgeous. Comparing it to visuals from the original it’s amazing how great it looks.

I think you mean 1-3 and 5-2. Both are endurance trials.

5-1 isn’t very hard, but I suppose it depends on when you encountered it. Although I cleared it super early in one playthrough when beelining for the Blueblood sword.

Well, keep in mind, I’m not a multi-run player. This is not NG and I’ve only done (or will ever do) one run. I didn’t find 1-3 that bad. Only took a couple of tries to get the gate open and then it’s pretty trivial to clear out the dudes. Penetrator was a pushover with what-his-name’s help.

5-2 sucked because of slow movement and millions of dudes in the rickety shacks at the far side of the swamp, but wasn’t actually hard.

It’s possible 5-1 was a pain for me because I couldn’t see. Now that I think about it, I beat it pretty quickly after I turned the brightness up. No fun falling over and over because you can’t see the level.

I discovered the same thing with Blightown in DS1. Once I realized you could turn the brightness up and see things it isn’t such a pain.

Hmm, I don’t actually remember any hard fights or difficult situations in 5-1 though since I always breezed through it. I guess if you kept falling to your death there is that. The boss is joke. I don’t think I ever died to it.

1-3 is stacked with Red Knights at the end, has sneaky ambushes, and enemy density is at an all time high. I died to the Penetrator before because his sword impale attack was a one-shot at full health.

Well, I finished it last night and loved it. What a great game. The Nexus design works well, the worlds are all memorably good, with Worlds 1, 3, and 4 my favorites to play. That said, I think the most difficult, sloggy parts were 1-3 and 4-2, which got bogged down by the one mechanic in the game I didn’t enjoy: World Tendency. Having all the extra black phantoms in each location made it frustrating, and it wasn’t until I defeated an invader by chance that I was able to rid myself of a few.

I got used to the Grass mechanic (vs bonfire. Or maybe Grass + Nexus vs bonfire?) and came to appreciate it just as much.

The boss battles are, by and large, a lot different than subsequent Soulsborne games, owing way more to ‘figuring out the secret’ than to just a hard fight. A couple of exceptions, of course, like the penultimate one, but I think I liked the boss mechanics a little better. I dunno, maybe I’m forgetting Dark Souls.

Ultimately, while Dark Souls remains my favorite, Demon Souls is a worthy predecessor, and I can see why many rank it as the best in the series.

Every time I see an update in this thread I hope it’s an announcement for the PC version. :( I’m back running through dark souls 3 again again again.