Anyone else try the new Desert Combat mod?

This is major fun (sorry for the F-word). As with most mods, the fun is in the intial stages when people are just getting used to it. The Scud is a bitch to aim but when it lands where you want there’s a definite sense of triumph. The choppers aren’t very easy to control but it’s pretty cool to land a squad at a spawn point and then take off to provide defensive support. The C130 is VERY cool but it tends to go down pretty quickly without protection. A very polished mod, all in all. Anyone else wasting time on it?

I’m too busy playing the excellent Vietcong…


Bah- how many helicopters can you fly in that game?
Mind you- I would like to think that the excellent auto-cover mode in Vietcong should be made a standard in every FPS that comes out in the future.

I play OFP for my fps vehicle funbag! I thought BF42… was just… well it was good… but feels too arcadey… I mean… I wish BF42 had a mission editor so you can make sp missions ala something like MoH or missions in OFP… I do like BF42 mp, but the volleyball artillery and controlling a huge aircraft career with one person… feels a bit … ARCADEY. Which isn’t bad at all … just that… wish they toned down the big stuff and focused on the little stuff to more ‘realism’ … guns up to tanks and artillery. I could do without the battleships, and the aircraft (while cool) it all feels novel … but it wouldn’t be BF42… itd be a different game.

I still have to get the expansion…


Some of the strategies emerging from Desert War are pretty funny. I’ve seen a couple of support guys near an ammo box drop something like 10 or 12 mortars all clustered together pointing toward a chokepoint (el Alamein allied runway opening). Then 5 or 6 guys man the mortars, and the chokepoint just goes up in a cloud of smoke. I played a spec ops guy and would go forward, use the binocs to give everyone a great view, and then returned to man a mortar for myself. It was a blast.

In general, artillary is much more useful in DW than the original. However, I find the only way I can effectively use a spotter is if he is facing the same direction as I am. If its from a different angle I get all screwed up. I’ve never been able to figure out how the crosshair system works. Anyone have any tips?

About the only advice I can offer is that in the centre of the circle where you control your angle there is a little tank. Make sure that that is pointing in the right direction.
I’ve also noticed the player habit of dropping many mortars near the middle base at Alamein. It’s quite a hot spot there now. The speed of the tanks is pretty phenomenal now- attacks happen everywhere now.

Agreed, the speed has changed the way the maps are played. A lot more of the territory is tactically important, as you can go to just about anywhere at high speed and set up an artillary attack, whether its mortars, rocket trucks, or self propelled guns. Before DC, the battles were very localized to just a few locations in and around the flags. I’m not saying one is better than the other, but it is different, which is great after having played hundreds of times in the WW2 mode.

Things I haven’t tried yet: Harriers, Froggers and Scuds. I don’t use a joystick, so I fly very little, but the planes all look cool. I have co-piloted all the choppers, and I’ve been tossed around in the C-130 (geronimo!!). One thing they showed in a trailer was this smart artillary where you can follow your round. Does anyone know how this works?

I love 0.3. The class tweaks added a lot. Sure, now you also have mortar campers near spawn points, but overall it can be handled and countered. To me it’s a lot more fun now than the original BF1942. Does the Harrier have some sort of heli-mode you need to switch to? The only time I tested them out they felt like the other planes, but I thought they also implemented the VTOL part.

Ah, figured out the Harrier setup now. Controls quite well. Landings are a bit tricky, but definitely work. Finally a plane one can conquer a flag with. ;)

Wow, I just tried it out. Great stuff!

Where can one get this mod?

Never mind, I found it.