Anyone else use Glyde?

I know at least Jason Cross does, since he’s how I heard of it (and apologies for signing up about a day before you tweeted your referral link). is a way to sell books, movies, and games online; you list your stuff, and when it sells they’ll ship you an envelope for you to ship it off to the buyer in, so the shipping is all about as painless as Netflix.

To Jason or anyone else using it, do you try to game the pricing at all? Not cheat anyone, but for example: I want to sell a movie, it meets their criteria for “excellent condition”. If I put it up for sale as “excellent”, I’ll get $10.23, but there are two copies ahead of mine. If I “cheat” and put it up for sale as “good”, I’ll get $10.00 and it’s the first in line at that price point.

I can’t imagine anyone being upset to receive it in better condition than they’re expecting, but on the other hand the price difference for the buyer is pretty slight too, so why would they buy mine listed as good condition when they could get an excellent copy for a few cents more? Do you think I’d still end up selling after those two excellent copies anyway?

What’s the commission? I sell things through Amazon sometimes, and they take a hefty chunk, it seems like (15% maybe?)

Glyde is 10%, I believe.

I’ve never heard of this site, but I’d imagine you’d sell after those and also after anybody else who posts one in excellent condition in between. I can’t envision too many people who are rushing to buy an item in worse condition to save twenty-three cents.

Their cut is 10%, but you’re also paying a flat rate for the mailer that comes to you. For everything I’ve sold, DVDs and games, that’s been $1.25.

So if a game I’m selling lists as $10, that means subtract $1.25 for the mailer and $1.00 for Glyde’s cut, so I make $7.75 (the mailer cost isn’t the shipping cost though, the buyer is still paying $10 plus whatever the shipping cost is). So practically speaking, I’m losing more than 10%, a lot more on low priced items, but hey, it’s ridiculously convenient. I didn’t really look around to see if it was competitive, it might not be. I’m just happy to make a buck or two off some old Xbox games. I gave away a bunch to my only friend I know who’s still playing his original Xbox, you can’t trade them anywhere any more, and I’ll never play them again, so at this point they’re all coasters to me either way.

On newer (360/PS3/Wii) games you’d be making more so the mailer fee would be less of a cut, but you can probably also get close to what they’re selling for on Glyde by trading them at Gamestop or something. So it’s not without tradeoffs.

But I did sell Conker’s Bad Fur Day for about $25, so that was nice.