Anyone else watching AMC's _Mad Men_?

Pure awesomeness. It’s eight episodes in, and it’s amazing.

We don’t take kindly to your type around here, boy. Maybe you should go find another forum, where they welcome your kind.


I believe what Houngan was trying to say was:

I saw three episodes and decided it was “meh.” I’ve only stuck with “Damages.” Are you saying it’s worth watching?!!?!?!?

Yes, it’s worth watching. Push through and watch the episodes that you missed.

Oops, sorry, I forget TV and movies has its own forum here and isn’t lumped with “everything else.”

My dad is an ad man of this era and place. Though, he worked at the firm they discuss in the show which did the Volkswagon ads. He said that, yes, the creatives at that firm did smoke pot all day (though he was way too far down on the totem pole for that) just like the Mad Men say, and that no matter what firm you were at, getting things done after lunch was impossible because everyone was drinking.

In all, a good show that I think will get much better over time.