Anyone ever added and external HD to a Verizon Fios DVR

The guy on the phone last nite assured me it was as simple as plugging it into the USB port and then basically when I record a program it would give me an option to choose which disk to record to.

This sounds like it makes sense, but frankly it just seems way to easy…wondering if anyone has ever done this.

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Seventeen thousand middle-aged men have probably done this at and written a step by step guide for you. Great website.

Nice site…and everything about the verizon dvr seems to be a bit out dated (in general)…which is why I asked the question. The rumors were that you could add an external HD at the beginning of this year but I can’t seem to confirm it.

From personal experience (though nothing to do with your situation) I know our local company has DVRs that mostly allow it but there are rumors that some have the port disabled. Authoritarian consumer electronics are always a crapshoot.