Anyone ever tried Applebees carside to go?

Such a hilarious bit.

We have a perfectly serviceable giftcard exchange thread, you know.

I don’t associate Kerzain and Jose Liz with “serviceable.” ;-)

Applebees has to be the saddest place in the neighborhood. Ruby Tuesdays, TGI Friday’s and Chili’s are all this dreary repackaging of fratboyesque cuisine and culture, but Applebees, Applebees is the place barflies go to die. Like a bluehair’d granny with a styled blonde wig and azure eyeshadow, you walk past there and you feel like you ought to be smelling “senior perfume” and formaldehyde.

So sad. Sooo sad.

I could swear there was a more recent one than that, but I’ll be damned if I can find it right now.

It was only on the second page of this forum, and had one reply. Which happened to be kerzain. Giving the same answer he got in the '09 thread.

Just go in and sit by the bar…and eat there while watching the game tonight. Or just take a friend (do you have any?) and just drink the gift card away.

OK, good job guys, we found something more depressing than Applebee’s.

By the time I get off work the game will be over and I have stuff to do at home anyway. I just want to burn the giftcard and cover dinner at the same time.

I approve of Applebee’s because they buck the status quo by serving Pepsi products instead of Coke products.

Fuck the man, Applebee’s! Power to the Pepsi people!

True fact*: Pepsi outsells Coke in grocery and convenience stores, but Coke still overall outsells Pepsi because of the many deals they have with the vast majority of fast food places, sitdown restaurants, theme parks, malls, airports and sporting venues.

*Thing I heard once and have since decided was true.

I thought it was the opposite. I can always get Coke on a great deal at the store, but it’s a crap shoot whether any restaurant etc. I go to will be serving Pepsi, or Coke as God intended.

I wouldn’t even give Applebees gift cards to the homeless. I can’t believe you got a GC for your birthday.

— Alan

Yeah, Sarkus, your friends hate you!

God there are a lot of hipsters on this forum.

Applebee’s food is best eaten in the shower.

Pepsi sucks…Coke rocks.

Keep this up and I will have to put you on ignore…;)

I agree. Applebee’s food, service, and ambiance are fine. Their food is reasonably priced with a lot of options. In particular, their 2 for $20 is a great way for two people to get some food for cheap. What exactly makes Aplebee’s a dive? Is it generic? Yes, but that is a far cry from being “sad,” or “depressing.”

I’m going to with coastal bias against a Midwestern chain, here.

Not only a giftcard, but a giftcard to Applebees.

I read or heard that same thing about Coke being #1 but it always seem to me people bought Pepsi much more when I worked as a cashier at Safeway. Still, I generally avoid soda and only buy Mexican Coke at the store.

Sometimes after the wife drags me shopping at the SI mall, we go to Applebee’s. It’s usually a Sunday, so we sit at the bar, order some snacks and drink while watching a ballgame. They have those little boxes with a speaker and volume control. You grab one of those and it’s pretty cool.

I don’t think I’ve actually sat down at a table for a meal though.

I’m in the Midwest. Applebees caters to people who wouldn’t know decent food if it beat them over the head. I put it in the same crapfest category as Outback Steakhouse.