Anyone ever tried Applebees carside to go?

I wouldn’t even give Applebees gift cards to the homeless. I can’t believe you got a GC for your birthday.

— Alan

Yeah, Sarkus, your friends hate you!

God there are a lot of hipsters on this forum.

Applebee’s food is best eaten in the shower.

Pepsi sucks…Coke rocks.

Keep this up and I will have to put you on ignore…;)

I agree. Applebee’s food, service, and ambiance are fine. Their food is reasonably priced with a lot of options. In particular, their 2 for $20 is a great way for two people to get some food for cheap. What exactly makes Aplebee’s a dive? Is it generic? Yes, but that is a far cry from being “sad,” or “depressing.”

I’m going to with coastal bias against a Midwestern chain, here.

Not only a giftcard, but a giftcard to Applebees.

I read or heard that same thing about Coke being #1 but it always seem to me people bought Pepsi much more when I worked as a cashier at Safeway. Still, I generally avoid soda and only buy Mexican Coke at the store.

Sometimes after the wife drags me shopping at the SI mall, we go to Applebee’s. It’s usually a Sunday, so we sit at the bar, order some snacks and drink while watching a ballgame. They have those little boxes with a speaker and volume control. You grab one of those and it’s pretty cool.

I don’t think I’ve actually sat down at a table for a meal though.

I’m in the Midwest. Applebees caters to people who wouldn’t know decent food if it beat them over the head. I put it in the same crapfest category as Outback Steakhouse.

Pepsi started in the retail chain while Coke started business at the fountain - the business lines developed accordingly through the years.

I took my Australian friend to Outback once, and kept asking him “What do you call this in your country?”

He didn’t find it as amusing as I did. Also, I found out Outback doesn’t actually sell authentic Australian food.

I wouldn’t turn down a free meal from Applebee’s, even if I don’t prefer it. Stolen bread stirs the appetite. Stolen fruit is the sweetest.

Yeah, but Pepsico owned KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and a handful of other restaurants, so it’s not like they have no restaurant backing at all.

And the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

Not only am I Midwestern, but I vigorously defend chain restaurants as being better than a lot of people want to admit. As pub food goes, Chili’s is perfectly fine, for instance.

But Applebee’s, that place is just awful. It’s Olive Garden bad.

It’s just really bad food. I’d rather go to a diner or a corner pizza and sub joint or some family Italian or Greek restaurant than eat the oversalted, overfried, dry, cheese covered food you get at Applebees.

I got an Applebees gift card as trade for a quick photo shoot earlier this year. We got ribs and they were honestly the worst ribs I have ever had in my life. Cardboard lathered in cheap sauce.

I’m pretty sure that they spun that off as a separate entity a few years back - and they did that in the late 80’s mostly to try to break Coke’s hold in the restaurant market :)

Yum foods.

Alan just set some sort of record for burn.

Have some self-respect, pigeon; don’t you know you can fly?