Anyone ever work so hard that you can only get air in top quarter of your lungs?

I have been pushing[B] myself over the brink for days.p trying to get new canal bog scaled and planted.half way through today I could no take a full breath of air, and on oxygen canisters were onioya oaating a sparse 30 min.m I may be fine in morning but this is worriesaom. Sorry about bold, too tired to figure out how to turn it off. So I can only breath in top quarter of lungs and nothing else inflates as it hurts so bad. Is this normal for a terribly hard workout that stretches all day and to the evening?

im clueless and my cf makes identifying normal from not normal difficult. Thanks.[/B]

No. That’s not normal. I think you should get yourself to a medical professional.

I’d say abnormal. Even when doing 8 hour rides at @140 avg heart rate, I have still not experienced any problems related to breathing as you describe, particularly in regards to inhalation related pain. Given your CF, I’d play it safe and seek medical advice.

Go to the doctor dude.

Seek medical guidance. Make sure you know your medications especially if you started something new.

Not normal. I am constantly at max heart rate as I wrestle lots. Not being to fill your lungs is a medical issue that needs to be looked at immediately.

Add me to the list of see a doctor.

Go see your doctor/emergency hospital asap.

I had something like it once a few years back after having pneumonia, in my case it was a very slight symptom of a partially collapsed lung (possibly caused by too much CS gas ingestion during my army years), very painful, very debilitating, but after a visit to the doctor it resolved itself and we decided to monitor it (it’s been completely clear since the one event).

In serious cases it can be life threatening.

Absolutely go see a doctor. Oxygen is necessary for your continued existence. Lack of oxygen is always life threatening and even when intake is limited it can cause several issues up to an including organ failure. This is nothing to play with, go seek medical help asap.

I’m sure you’ve gone to see the doctor by now. If not, go now!

I have to say I’m a little shocked that someone who is as tuned into health issues as you would consult a bunch of schleps on an internet message board instead of going to the doc straightaway. Whenever someone posted “is this bad? should I see a doctor?” on a message board, I think about 99% of the time the answer is “yes!”

I used to have issues like that back when I was a smoker. Do you smoke? Now that I have quit smoking those troubles have stopped.

This reminds me of when I almost died from pneumonia. You know better Jeff! Go to the doctor!

Oh man, the image of Jeff smoking is so hilariously inappropriate! He’s been dealing with severe cystic fibrosis for years. But it is kind of amusing to imagine him with a cigarette dangling from his lips while he works on the frop bog.

And, yeah, Jeff get your ass to a doctor and then get back here and let us know how you’re feeling.


collapsed in bathroom. ER. pneumonia through all of left lung putting pressure on my heart. left lung became unfunctional. Feel much better in hospital as they stabilzed me but I can’t get out of bed as my oxygen drastically drops and start to lose consciousness. Like an idiot, I tried to wait it out, so I didn’t go in til he dat day afterI wrote this post.

Not going was a combination of things, all poor excuses. 1 - my wife had taken the week off so we were working against time to try and get this stuff done before her vacation was up. 2 - leaving things half done wouod drive crazy in hospital knowing I will be much weaker than when I went in. 3 - our cat is sick too. I need to take her to vet Tuaday (today) because they were giving Jen run around. Well, seeing how I collapsed last night that didn’t happen. This was really, really scary! And maybe lack of oxygen to brain caused impaired judgement. We’d been kicking major ass out there getting stuff done, and having my lungs mes sus up made brain thinkie not work

It must have been terrifying! Bad decision-making due to lack of oxygen could absolutely be a factor. Though I’m always making bad decisions even with full oxygen! The hardest decisions to make correctly are the ones where you don’t have any good choices, and are tempted to hold out waiting for a good option to appear.

Anyway, I am very glad you are recovering!

Glad you are feeling better!

Umm…yeah. Don’t think that I actually read who posted the thread when I scrolled up. Interestingly Jeff’s struggle actually was a contributing factor to help me quit. Seeing what a raw deal he got with his lungs while simultaneously ruining my pretty strong athlete lungs with cigarettes provided additional motivation for me on more than one occasion while I was struggling with nicotine.

In retrospect, this is something a lot of us do, so completely understandable.

… brain thinkie not work

this is what we want to avoid!

Get better, Jeff! I’m glad the doctors are on the case, and hope you get out of there quickly.

Good to hear from you JP! Get well, bud!