Anyone Familiar With zGold?

I just got an email from GamersGate about discounts they’re offering if you purchase with something called zGold. These discounts apparently stack with the others, which would bring Urban Empire below $25 - well within the “worth a shot” parameters.

Before I pull the trigger, can anyone confirm that this is safe/legit?

zGold is Razer’s attempt to enter into the virtual currency market. From what I understand, it only works with GamersGate and IndieGala right now. Frankly, I’m not too enthralled by the idea, but deals are deals. FYI - the minimum purchase of zGold (from Razer) is $30 worth.

zGold is a Razer product, so it’s legit:

Personally I’m against anything that obfuscates actual prices by converting your money into a fake currency, so I hope it bombs hard.

Which means it will cost $30 for me to buy Urban Empire at the double discount price of $23.80. Since I have no plans to use it for anything else, I guess that’s a “pass”.

If you get a buddy to go into it with you and buy two copies, your cost can be $24. (48 of the funny money purchased to cover 47.60 purchase for x2).

Edit: or you can wait for the summer sale…