Anyone for AOE3 this weekend?

I finally broke down and bought AOE3, anyone up for some matches Friday? That should give me enough time to get some home cities started.

You guys have fun playing without an attack move. Until that’s back in the game, Age III is unplayable for me.

And I’m not using that as hyperbole. :(


I tried that little trick on aoe3 forums with the user.con file, going back on now to see if it did the trick.

Seems that it doesn’t work, but I did alt right clicking, it seems to be working that way, but it doesn’t feel as responsive as the good old A attack move

BTW, even with that trick, Ensemble has said that as of 1.02, the attack move is an “unsupported feature”. So even if you do turn it back on, I’m guessing there’s some problem that prevents it from working correctly.

It’s worth nothing that the recently released 1.03 patch, which addressed some problems apparently introduced in 1.02, didn’t restore attack moves. I haven’t checked the forums, but is there any official word on why Ensemble disabled an important part of the game’s functionality?


from what I read, the A key now is the hot key for the artellery foundry or something.

No Attack-Move? WTF?! Ok Ensemble monkies, please explain the logic of leaving that one out. I have been riding the edge on deciding weather or not to buy this game, and that seals the deal for NO.

Wow. Ensemble’s batting a thousand. Tom Chick won’t play their new game, and DeepT won’t even buy it. That’s scary.

And I have no idea what any of these patches are doing, except turning more players off to AoE3. Brilliant.

Still, pfreak, I’d definitely play if I was going to be around. Sadly, I’m not. But maybe when we finally do play, there will be another patch…

just spent a day playing the game, it’s good so far, getting my ass kicked in naval battles. I’m playing as the dutch, so far I’m best in 2v2 but not so good 1on1, anyone have any good tips?