Anyone for vampires?

I played this face to face recently and it’s got my blood up (ha!) to run one of these suckers (double ha!). I’m thinking of doing a fairly standard one in terms of setting but with more than just the basic vampire, seer, villager.

Apprentice seer: becomes a seer if the existing one is killed. Early random seer slaughter is such a downer for the humans.

Hunter: When killed by whatever method, gets to revenge-kill one person of their choice.

Witch: Has a warding potion that can prevent vampire attack and a poison that can kill one person of her choice. Both are one use only.

Cursed: Considered human until bitten. If bitten, becomes an additional vampire.

Sparkly vampire: Wins with the humans, and is unaware of the real vampires’ identities (and vice versa). Immune to vampire attack, but gives a false positive if staked. (this one is my own idea)

I’m thinking of running somewhere between fifteen and twenty people to accommodate all the extra roles. I intend to have a time limit that expires at a fixed time each day and consequences for missing it, both for the village as a whole and for the people who didn’t vote. I’ll just be blunt and say that if you don’t think you can log in at least once a day, don’t sign up.

All that said, if you want to stew in paranoia and mistrust, come on and sign up!

That sparkly vampire thing sounds like it would lead to every vampire declaring themselves sparkly on turn 1. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, I guess.

I am against vampires. People who support vampires are not looking at the long-term ramifications. Also, Twilight.

Except there isn’t much of a disadvantage to staking the sparklepire, in fact i wouldn’t be surprised if people would stake it even if they knew, the hatred of twilight runs deep.

This is just lulzy enough to work! I would totally be in!

Sounds like fun. I’m in.

I’m against vampires and doubly for the sparkly one. I’m still in though.

I am in.

Agreed. Claiming to be a sparkling vampire is tantamount to admitting you are a real vampire, there’s no real upside to everyone else knowing and no disadvantage to killing you.

I vote to stake Staff Sergeant.

I’m in

I’m already sparkly, but you don’t have to take that into account when assigning roles

Hell, I’m in. I’m always in for Vampire games on Qt3.

I’m in too, please! Forum gaming was why I originally signed up, after all. :D

Hahahaha I fucked up epically like 4 times in that game. It all worked out in the end though, if you call Scrax being the lone survivor working out. Don’t tell me things, I don’t know how to properly use the PM system!

Edit: I’d love to be in but I probably can’t commit to logging on once a day. I’m out. :(

Heck, sounds fun, I’ll jump in.

This sounds very interesting but I honestly am not sure of what’s involved or what to expect.

edit: definitely in if possible

To be fair, if it wasn’t for you, Raife and I wouldn’t be such good buddies now. So thanks SS!

I’m in. Though if everyone doesn’t kill me in the first round I’m going to be very disappointed that my reputation isn’t up there with Mike O’Malley.

I’m in. I vote to stake myself. :(

I am in.