Anyone from Climax or GamesWorkshop?

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone from Climax or Games Workshop comes by here? Last week there was a rumor up on detailing emails that were submitted by Matt Sansom the Executive Producer stating how Climax was using the funding for Warhammer Online for other inhouse projects.

I’ve attempted to contact all the names I had available and even went to Climax with no dice so I ran the story ( as I knew it. Can anyone here get someone to find out what the deal is?


I read your article, and here are a few comments.

First, Fatbabies has posted some amazingly negative information about a variety of real heavy-hitters, like EA. They’ve never been closed down for it before, so I would bet the current down time is simply because the web master forgot to renew his domain name or something. If it was flack from an angry developer or publisher that pulled the plug, even then it could have been one of about 10.

Also, it’s fairly common for struggling small studios to have several projects going at once. It’s also common for one of those to be in-house development or a project that was cancelled that they are now trying to shop around to publishers. During those situations, it’s also common that the milestone-funded project at a publisher brings in money that is spread around among the various teams. It’s not very smart, because it jeopardizes the one project you have to help projects that probably won’t survive anyway, but it’s not a new practice.