Anyone Get Codename: Panzers?

Looking for some opinions on this one. I’m torn between this and Dawn of War. I’m leaning towards Codename: Panzers at the moment, but I’m hoping someone will puch me over the edge, one way or the other.

Have you played the demos for both?

No, neither. Since I moved to Quest DSL downloading demo’s is something I don’t very often do anymore.

I believe Codename: Panzers uses Starforce, if that’s a problem for you.

The demo for codename panzers is great fun - check it out. It’s kind of Super Mario WW2, with streams of red crosses streaming out of your medics and onto your wounded like so many enormous analgesic butterflies. The graphics are gritty yet beautiful, the interface is excellent and it looks like the full game would be good.

I’ve heard Soldiers: heroes of ww2 is even better however, and it’s cheaper. Check out this review.

Soldiers is a very tough singleplayer game - in the Commandos vein i.e.lots of saving and reloading.

However as a co-op (lan) game it is simply superb fun. A real highlight for us co-op multi fans.

Codename: Panzers also features a 2-player coop campaign, btw.

Codename: Panzers is great. I think I can say that much before my review shows up in CGM this month since CDV is using the 4 1/2 star score in their advertising. Just check and look for the Panzers banner.

For me, it seemed like a cross between Close Combat and a more standard RTS with missions that reminded me of Myth because you sometimes get reinforcements but there’s no unit manufacturing or resource collection. The graphics are superb and the missions varied.

Oh…and yes, it also uses Starforce.


Gotcha. Try the demo. If I like it, warez the game.

Sorry, but fuck Starforce.

Well I went ahead and picked it up. I’ve loaded it up and taken a look at things but other than that I’m having a hard time convincing myself to start something new. R:TW is still taking up to much of my time.

As a matter of fact I’m enjoying the campaigning aspects of R:TW so much I went and ordered Civ III Complete. I never played with the expansion so I’m looking forward to that too now. Makes me wish there were more hours in a day.

In that vein, anyone know if the no-cd crack will let you use SFClean to remove Starforce and still play the game?

Attention publisher: I’m a WWII game junkie. Despite the recent flood of WWII games, I’m not sick of them. I was thinking of buying Codename: Panzers, and a good review from Dave is enough for me to get my wallet out.

However, solely because of Starforce, I’m removing it from my buy list. Be sure to mark down one full-price sale in the “Definitely lost because of Starforce” column.

Do we know for sure it has Starforce in the USA version?