Anyone going to G.A.M.E.?

It’s this weekend in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. Its full name is the Games and Music Experience, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be a “gamerz lifestyle” clusterfuck of epic proportions. On the other hand, it’s probably the only chance I’ll have to play XBox 360 games before next year. :(

Anyway, just curious if anyone here’s going.

BTW, this is the event that gave us this wonderful image macro:

I will totally go if that guy is gonna be there.


I’d crawl to San Francisco across broken glass if WOOO! Guy were going to be there.

I wonder if that guy knows that he’s a star?

This bullet point from the Tickets page made me laugh:

You’ll get to see bands, DJ’s, graffiti artists, celebrities, game characters and……the GAMEgirls.

Ooooh, strip^H^H^H^H^Hthe GAMEgirls!

From the image it’s clear that he thinks he is…

You’ll get to see bands, DJ’s, graffiti artists, celebrities, game characters and……the GAMEgirls.

hrm… do they show any games?

It’s official, I’m going. Just got a VIP pass hookup from an ex-coworker.

Only going to be there on sunday though. Too bad, I sort of wanted to see Meat Beat Manifesto.

I can personally guarantee you that he will be, so I guess I’ll see you there.

For what it’s worth, my group and I have been heavily involved in some of the event planning for G.A.M.E., especially during the home stretch. We’re throwing everything we’ve got into making this a fun and exciting event, so come by to heckle so we could get our 6’7" chief of security to throw your ass out or something. In addition to all the games that have already been announced to be there, we’ll have a bunch of unreleased, publicly-never-before-seen 2006 games playable and on display, as well as some of our staff’s old favorites, from Combat to Lords of Thunder (this is all my elaborate plan to expose more people to Lords of Thunder).

This is my first time working on something of this nature, but I’m confident in the people pulling it all together, even though I don’t know entirely what to expect once the thing kicks off (Moscone Center’s north hall is the size of three football fields–it’s a huge space). Whatever happens, my whole crew and I are going to be there the whole time, and we’ve got three days of great live content planned, from panel discussions on breaking into the business to live demos of some of the biggest 2006 games. And that’s in addition to Taiko drumming, low riders, Flavor Flav… I ask you, what could possibly go wrong??

I ventured out to IGN Live down in Anaheim a month or two back (uh… interesting!), and I’m pretty keen to compare and contrast it with G.A.M.E. In fact, I’m thinking maybe the next IGN Live should get Professor Griff, and then you guys can get in a bidding war over Chuck D?

I have a LAN party on Saturday, but I might drive to Dublin on Sunday and take BART in. I mean, it’s either that or stay home and level up my Druid.

I suppose I could go, but I’d just end up shuffling around telling the boys don’t run in the building, and to pull up their baggy pants, and aren’t you GAMEgirls cold in those tiny shorts? This is San Francisco - put a sweater on, you’ll catch your death! Ooh, I could also complain about how loud and terrible all this new music is, and how all these games look the same, and how back in the day we only had a C64 with a tape drive and we liked it! And then I could try to explain what cassette tapes were. Who the hell is Marc Ecko? I’d shout. Back in my day, we all wrote on the Lascaux cave walls with a piece of charcoal (I did a particularly nice version of a deer breakdancing), but we didn’t get a multimillion-dollar clothing deal out of it.

Eh. If I want to feel like Bea Arthur I can just stay home and read this forum.


If it were just a weeee bit closer to me I might go. But at 2,000 miles, it’s a committment I just can’t make.

I’m going on Sunday. I just arranged to drive over with a friend, so I guess I’m committed now.

Please take a picture with the WOOOOOO! guy. Please? And post it?

On the Spot is going to have 45 minutes to hour long shows from there.

Word of advice for anyone that goes: Don’t bring a backpack.

A co-worker that went on Friday said they won’t let you bring your bag into the place, and there were only 2 people checking bags in. The line was super-slow.

With luck they’ll bring in a few more people for the rest of the weekend, but if you don’t have to, don’t bring a bag.

Not surprising. Most events don’t let you bring your bags in anymore. I guess they figure everyone is packing a gun or a bomb these days or something… They’ve been doing it at major auto races for the last four years too.