Anyone going to watch Cougartown tonight?

Just kidding.

The Post today said there was a scene where she pokes her perfect body in the mirror and calls herself fat.

Phew. For a moment there I was convinced you were a pod person.

Fuck, I’d figured it had already premiered and been cancelled halfway into the pilot.

Nah, I watch TV to escape.

Uh, I’m watching this on Hulu tomorrow.

Of course you are.

Courtney Cox is from my hometown of Birmingham, AL and was married by the same Episcopalian priest who married my wife and I, if I watch, do I get a pass?

I watched it, it was okay. Courtney Cox (who I liked in Dirt) didn’t do a very good job here as she spent most of the time with the same exasperated expression that she gave Chandler and Joey when they said something juvenile.

But Im willing to give it a pass. As a pilot it was okay, I may watch again. But Community and Modern Family were much better (not to mention the returns of the always funny the Office, 30 Rock and Gary Unmarried).

Do people ever get tired of watching some slut’s adventures ? I mean, Sex in the City was more than enough, dont you think ?

I’m sorry but I’m seriously sick of the following terms that really have no real meaning and are only hurtful and usually for no good reason:
slut (why is not okay for a girl to be promiscuous)
virgin (because as soon as you lose it as a woman you’re a slut and as soon you lose it as a guy you become a man)
whore (see slut)

It’s another Bill Lawrence show and based on his pedigree I checked it out. It’s got Bizzy Phillips and she’s awesome.

From what I read in this particular show she’s not a slut. In Sex and the City, none of the characters were sluts. Samantha was promiscuous, and probably borderline, but she was mature and confident about it.

The terms slut, whore, and virgin have meanings, and are useful. They may be overused, but they definitely have meaning.

For an example of a slut in fiction, I’d point to the girl in the bar that Jason Stackhouse has sex with in the garbage pile out back.

For an example of a whore in fiction, well, any prostitute, I guess, but especially those that are a bit rough around the edges, aka streetwalkers.

Virgin is self explanatory.

Welcome to some shitty stand-up routine circa 1970. Also, “virgin” means the same thing for men and women, guy.

First three results on Google don’t illuminate this, and the fourth hit is this thread, so who or what is a Bizzy Phillips?

Busy Phillips.

I donno, though. She seems like a fatty to me.

(She was the landlord in the second season of TSCC.)

She was in Freaks and Geeks.

More like Busty Phillips…

And Brad’s absolutely right. She was also in Freaks and Geeks, another excellent show that was killed before its time.

This was based on my hometown, so I was somewhat interested in watching it. I missed it though.

I thought it combined the already exasperated look that Monica gave Joey and Chandler, with the clunky rimshot joke delivery mechanism of the last few episodes of Scrubs that I saw. I felt like early seasons of Scrubs did this with more subtlety and more humor. Cougartown feels like burned out lately Bill Lawrence, not the earlier Bill Lawrence that made Scrubs so great early on.