Anyone had to replace the door to their house?

Been to Home Depot, Lowes, Menard’s for 2 weeks and still no closer to making a decision. We need two, as our current side door is a mess, and we can’t even use the front door. Can’t decide between fiberglass vs. steel, and other factors. I also can’t believe how expensive these things are. Nearly every door I really liked is way out of my price range.

Just bought a house that was a fixer upper. Side garage door frame was rotted out.

So yes. Went with steel door.

I have replaced the side door twice. It is on the hot side of the house and also gets wet when it rains. Next time I will go steel.

We will be replacing our front door after the kitchen remodel is done. We will probably go wood again as the door is well protected from the elements.

And yea, everything costs more than it should.

I keep hearing varied arguments on Fiberglass vs. steel. Fiberglass can warp in heat with a storm door (which we have), steel can have rot since there’s wood inside or on the frame? I’m not so sure how likely any of that is.

What were you opinion of one vs. the other?

My wife works in home remodeling, and the discussion was ‘get a steel door’. No pros and cons, just get a steel door. Fiberglass wasn’t even considered.

So thats one data point for you.

OK good. More options then.

We hired a company to replace our front and back doors and went with steel. My understanding is that a big whack on a steel door will leave a dent whereas it will crack a fibrglass door and be a harder repair.

We just replaced our back door, also steel. As long as the frame is well sealed, rot/elements shouldn’t be an issue.

Both wooden doors on our house were replaced with steel in the 80’s. They needed paint once since then, zero other issues.

If your looking to replace the door to your pool pump room, outside of your summer home next to the ocean, then fiberglass is the way to go. Im kidding, but also serious.

Yeah, steel here as well. Just replaced front and garage doors which were rotted and nearly unusable. Still need to paint the trim. I’ll try to let you know how they held up in 20 years or so… :)

So Home Depot suggested an in-home visit by their external Home Depot salesman for Fiberglass doors. We accept since he said it was really reasonable and he’s a great guy. So he went through his sales spiel then gave us the best quote he could muster. $7,000 for both doors, which did not include installation.

Who on Earth is spending $3,500 on a relatively plain door?

I haven’t priced wood or steel yet but unless prices have escalated in the last 5 years that quote is ridiculous.

I replaced my garage door (myself, but still) and it was like $180 for the door for a steel door.

A quick google search of Home Depot shows a fiberglass entry door with windows on both sides for just over $3,400. Nice looking but double a wood door of the same look. I didn’t see a steel option but I didn’t hunt to deep.

Coincidentally, I just had my front door (single door, with no fancy windows on the sides), storm door and door to my garage replaced this year. I bought both (steel) doors and a screen/glass storm door for around $200 each at Menards, and had a guy install all three for $800 in about 4 hours. I still need to paint the trim, but I’m pretty happy with them all.