Anyone have a screenshot of this guitar hero poster?

does anyone know where i can get a nice big screenshot of the judy nails poster displayed in the picture below?

Is that a yellow guitar I spy?

No idea on the poster.

But the answer to the yellow guitar is that at E3 and other trade shows, Red Octane has paraded a HUGE array of differently colored guitars. Red, pink, yellow, purple, white, green… all for the show only. :(

I can’t believe nobody has asked yet for a poster spread of the real-life Judy Nails alike standing in that pic. QT3 is slipping.

That’s the real girl Judy Nails is based off of isn’t it? I know that that char was actually modeled on a real female guitarist.

yeah that’s “female guitarist Judita Wignall from the band Halo Friendlies, who is the inspiration for character Judy Nails.”

Can’t hook you up, how about a video of her band on YouTube?

… uh its not for me… it’s for a … friend. :)