Anyone have an extra Sonata II/III drive tray with screws?

Just checking. Maybe someone has one lying around they don’t need? Otherwise I have to do a phone order with Antec since their web store is broken. I don’t relish staying on hold in order to do that, and then have some moron screw up the order because he misunderstood me.

I’ll check tonight if no one else volunteers. I’m just about positive that I’ve got some spare Sonata II hardware I could send you.

Could you take a picture? I have drive trays for the Antec Lanboy II but I suspect they may be slightly different.

Apparently the only thing that fits in a Sonata II are the ones from the Sonata II or III.

Are you asking for the HDD tray or the 5.25" drive rails? I’m guessing you mean the former, but best to be sure. I’m pretty sure I’ve got one I can spare from an old Sonata II I’m not using if I can find the screws (hoo boy). Though I’m not sure you’ll save anything by having me ship it to Canada for you.

Anyway, I’ll check tonight when I get home.

You could go down to the service department of any of the computer shops on College street. They probably have bucket fulls that they’ll just give you.

oh wait. nm. wrong computer

drive trays? hmm. maybe i have some. dont know if they’re from a I or II, though.

I could send you two sets for the 5.25" bays but it will take some time to get to Canada, I imagine. I think a local computer hardware store, or hell just asking co-workers, would be quicker.

Sorry, I meant 3.5" HDD trays. For some reason I thought I’d put it in the title.

Is this what you’re looking for:

IMG_0268 by squeakyfoo, on Flickr

If so, I do have an extra with screws (this particular tray is from a Sonata 1, but I have an extra sonata II somewhere in the house…).

Yeh that’s exactly what I got.

I have two extra because my lower two slots are taken up by a 80mm fan.

I’ll talk to you two in PC.

That tray looks exactly like my Lanboy II trays. Ah well.

Yeah I know but according to Antec they won’t fit. shrug I mean, you can send them to me if you want but they may end up unused.