Anyone have an invite for the Yahoo Mail beta?

If anyone has one they could send my way I’d really appreciate it. :).

Thanks in advance :).

Why would this be better then gmail?

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I’ve heard nothing but praise for the interface. It’s all AJAX-y and stuff, if I’m using the right buzzword. I’m not looking to switch from my Gmail account, but I’ve gotta admit to being impressed by the screenshots I’ve seen of it.

Yahoo has had mail for a decade or so now…

When do we paying users upgrade to futah mail?!

Yahoo has been kicking some ass lately btw. Their desktop search is fast and awesome.

I was upgraded to it, i think all you need is have an active yahoo account for some time. My original yahoo a/c (been using since yahoo mail went live) was upgraded, but newer ones havent been.

Well, my yahoo account is from 97 but still no news on ugprading.
I am satisfied as it is though.
Does the yahoo desktop search also work for external HDDs? As I use external drives for almost everything I find the google desktop search completely useless since it doesn’t use them for some reason.

Yeah, same here. Although I didn’t really care until last night when I saw a screenie of the beta on Bluesnews. It looks pretty damn cool and now I want it. :x

I’ve tried the beta. Very impressive mail, although it really needs a cool AJAXy calendar to go alongside it. The difference, jumping between those screens, is just insane.

I’ve been using this for months and can vouch that this is great. It’s done by the same guys who did Oddpost (anyone subscribed to Oddpost got in very early into the beta), which has been my webmail of choice for the last five years or so - essentially, it’s a webmail email client that has the same type of interface you’d expect from an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook. Yahoo’s new mail is basically Oddpost v10. It beats the frigging pants off of GMail’s interface. Think Thunderbird, only with the ability to open emails in tabs… even if the browser doesn’t support tabs (IE). It even includes a bult-in, proper RSS reader

Here’s a screenshot I just took of my spam folder:

That’s an open email in the background, which you can switch between with no loading times. Also, as you can see, there’s a notepad and a calendar. It is VERY cool. They totally one-upped GMail on this one.

Augh! He’s back, and this time he’s spoiled Yahoo Mail!

Wow, that’s pretty cool looking. I recently migrated everything to a gmail account, which was tons better than what I was using before (Hotmail, yuck). This looks better still. I never did get used to Gmail’s conversation and label system. I much more prefer folders. And I hate how you can’t open Gmail e-mails in tabs or windows.

So yeah, if anyone has any spare invites, put me on the list of beggars. :)

You can download a build of Thunderbird with Tab Support now. It’s a bit raw, and frankly, I don’t find email tabs to be nearly as useful as browser tabs, but you can try it out if you’d like. I’m sure this will be supported well under the upcoming Thunderbird 1.5.

Why on earth do you have options such that online pictures are opened by just looking at the email? Don’t you now that is one way to harvest your email address as a valid one? Of course if you just did it for our benefit, thank you. :-)

Looks cool, but the interface is a straight ripoff of Outlook/Outlook Express, with the (cool) addition of tabs.

Where’s the innovation today? Has e-mail client design become as stagnant as game design? :twisted:

Reminds me of Webmail for Exchange 2003, which is pretty full featured.

I use Outlook Web Access (seems to be Exchange since it has it in the URL) and it’s pretty sweet. Looks similar. Microsoft is planning a similar update for Hotmail.

The innovation is that all this is happening smoothly in a browser window.

The innovation is that all this is happening smoothly in a browser window.[/quote]
That’s not innovative. :) Outlook Web Access does the same thing.

The innovation is that all this is happening smoothly in a browser window.[/quote]
That’s not innovative. :) Outlook Web Access does the same thing.[/quote]
I haven’t used the new Yahoo mail, so I really can’t defend it too much further, but from the impressions and reviews I’ve read elsewhere on the web, it sounds a lot more like using an email application than checking your mail on a website. Outlook Web Access (and everything else, though Gmail is the nicest) has it the other way around.