Anyone have an iPod?

I’m thinking about grabbing one of the 10GB models, and was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them, particularly in comparison to any of the other MP3 players out there.

I have a 15Gb iPod (newest model). I use it with Win98SE just fine with some open-source iPod software (I only need to borrow the roommate’s WinXP for upgrading the firmware).

I <3 my iPod. If you’re going to buy one, try and wait for some % off coupon at dell online, and buy it then. Even as little as 10% off a $300 item ain’t bad, ya know?

Don’t drop 'em.

Bumping the oldest iPod thread I could find: the iPod is dead.

I still kinda regret not picking up one of the final release OG clickwheel iPods…

I’m not 100% convinced I would have managed to get decent back for the buck out of it, even by this point. But dang, I love the form factor. I still use one to pipe tunes to an old Bose Wave music box in my garage.

I still occasionally use my gen 3 with the 32 pin connector. It’s good for when I’m snowplowing and the like.

I have an old 20gig iPod with the old hard drive and wide pin connector. It does not work but I keep it because my wife had it engraved when she gave it to me. I went through more than a few of the small ones, the ones about the size of a postage stamp as well as the longer thinner dinky ones. Of those, only one still works; my wife uses it in the car for audio books sometimes.

I suspect streaming music and modern smartphones simply killed the market for these things.