ANYONE have an xtra E3 ticket

just wanted to see if anyone already had one and wasn’t going to make it. if so let me know

You could always pretend…

When you show up with your badge, you have to demonstrate that the name on the badge matches up with the name on your photo ID before they’ll give you the badge holder you need to get in. At least that’s how it works for the media badges.

I can mail you a guest pass, but you’d still have to scrounge up credentials that will get you past the Furies at On-Site Registration.

Lots of flashing lights, and some after parties which are cool, if you spend 3 months a year in the same room… consecutively.

You don’t need to go all the way to L.A. to get the authentic E3 experience. Simply spend three days with a pair of speakers blasting alt-rock music at full volume duct-taped to your head, then drink two bottles of Jim Beam in an hour and violently pummel the soles of your feet with a baseball bat.

I promise you, when you wake up the next morning, you won’t know the difference.

Yoo need tickets? I thought Tom has invited us all in the Games forum. Should I stop waiting by my door for the airline ticket from Heathrow to LA?