Anyone have any experience with Acer monitors?

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my several year old 19" LCD with something a bit bigger and with a higher native resolution. I came across this at WalMart:

Now, I realize that it’s only a 1680x1050 monitor, but that’s fine for my purposes. Anyone know if Acer monitors are any good? Is there something else about this monitor that makes it a poor choice for gaming? Newegg seems to like it anyway.

I have a 22" Acer monitor (AL2216W). It works fine for gaming.

I have 3 Acers and a Samsung. I’d go Samsung again if I had a need.

shakes head

Anyway, Acers are okay. Not super great, not crap.

Another anecdotal thumbs up here. I’ve had an AL2223W for a while and it’s been fine for most of my needs.

I bought a 20" Acer widescreen monitor in March '08, & passed it to my wife in March '09, when I upgraded to the 22" Acer you referenced in the first post. Both have been just fine.