Anyone have info on these upcomming games?

I have not been able to find much on these games and maybe there isn’t anything to find. Does anyone have any idea how close they are to being finished?

Rise of Legends
Galactic Civ 2
Masters of Magic II (is this even being produced)?
Supreme Commander

Gal Civ II has a release date for February.
Rise of Legends is targeted for next spring.

Spore is very likely 12 to 18 months in the distance.


Supreme Commander is also still some time out, too, I think.
GalCiv2 is in beta right now

I will buy a new PC for Spore.

I don’t think you’ll need to, though. Isn’t Wright making it all work on algorithms and such? Shouldn’t that require fairly minimal PC processing power?

The GalCiv2 beta is open, by the way. You get to play it if you preorder GC2, and you might still get a reduced price, too. But check the Stardock website to make sure.

As for Master of Magic 2, Brad Wardell tried to get that license but didn’t AFAIK, and nobody else is doing it, so…

Has anyone heard anything about Citizen Zero?

Last mention from anyone was well over a year ago.

Boomtown says different! :-D

Is there really any point in licensing a MOM II though?

I mean I loved the game when it came out over a decade ago but I don’t really think that it really has the name power to make a big diff in terms of sales…why not just go the AoW route and make a similar playing game?