Anyone Have Nerdy/Video Game Tattoos?

I got this when Han still shot first.

I don’t post many images, but my disused Flickr account mandates my linkage

I posted a similar thread a while back. The result of that was this:

Er, it’s not a tank top, I just pulled my sleeve up for the photo. I want to be clear on that.

Oohhh, MI, Nathan, those are awesome! Nathan, I particularly like the detail on yours.

Thanks! I see you’re in L.A., so I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that it was done by Misha at Zulu Tattoo on S Crescent Heights Blvd.

OMG, I’ve gone to Zulu Tattoo for all three of my tattoos! First with Sameerah then with Kat. Love that place! :-)

One time I’m standing in the grocery store in a trance, trying to decide what kind of bread to buy. Mom is holding a bambino in her arms next to me.

After a while kid says “Mom, I see bugs.”

I start thinking, damnit, I hate bugs crawling around my vittles. Either that or the kid dropped acid.

Then I remember I got a bug patch tatooed on my shoulder. Um, nice bottleneck fly. Mosquito, drinking blood. Beetle. Spidey.

Good call kid. Nerdy? Possibly, it’s not like I’m an entymologist or anything!

CB, those are awful! Awfully hilarious!

Don’t knock Mr. Cool ICE.

I like the guy looking up at him, like “You fucking douche.”

The Mr. Cool ICE isn’t that bad (at least artistically, a terrible choice and layout to be sure). But for some reason the fact that “Cool” is in normal case and “ICE” is in all caps drives me nuts.


I have a feeling that’s how he wants you to say it if you speak it out loud…

“Hey it’s Mr. Coool…ICE!!!”

Or some shit.

My best friend has “ELBERETH” on his left forearm.

Hehe, yeah, I love stories of misspelled tattoos.

Also, I love how in some of these, apparently the people sued their tattoo artists, or at least try to because any reputable tattoo artist will have them sign a waver saying the spelling and such is the customer’s responsibility, not theirs.

Nice. And prudent!

Not that I’d get a tattoo, but if I did, it would at least be of one of the characters I drew in the first place.

That would rock dude!

Spanish soccer player Fernando Torres has his name tattooed on his arm in elvish

I dunno if having it in elvish counteracts the doucheyness of having one’s own name as a tattoo.

Well, who’s to say Mr. Cool doesn’t work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement?