Anyone Have Nerdy/Video Game Tattoos?

Hah! That’s great - when he raids facilities, he doesn’t have to have the black slicker with the big yellow “ICE” label on the back - he can just go shirtless. :)

My thoughts exactly, I’m almost positive it doesnt.

Arise, thread!

So at Comic-Con, someone apparently got a tattoo of Felicia Day’s signature.

I dunno why, but something about this one bugs me.

Let’s see it, Eric!

Arise again, thread!

Today I got a henna version of the Tie Fighter tattoo. It’s a bit rough and not the full size I think, but I love it, and can’t WAIT to get the final one.

You know, normally I think video game tattoos are terrible, but you’re getting the tattoo I’ve wanted since I was seven years old (feel old yet?). Bravo sir.

It looks like some white power nazi shit. don’t do it unless you’re ready to throw down

Strangely unnerving.

I can’t think of any video game tattoos I’d have any interest in getting, but I’d kind of like to get either the first line of “Still Alive” tattooed around my arm, or the chorus on my back. The music, you understand, not the words. :)

Sure, to the uninitiated it might turn out to be less of a conversation piece and more of a grimace-inducer. I mean, how to do ask about something like that? “Hey there Brian, how goes the Arian struggle, man?” “Oh, that isn’t some weird racist shit? What the hell is it then?” “Star Wars?? Oookaaayy.”

But then again, if you just hang out with Star Wars / Video games nerds it probably won’t be an issue at all unless you wear short sleeve shirts in public or something.

Wait, it looks like a white power thing? I see the pic in my first post and all I see a Star Wars symbol.

It kinda does, man.


I had no idea Rubin was a white supremacist, he looks so innocent.

Except for the ink.

This is what believing in the power of homeopathy leads to.


Obviously a fan of the Empire is going to have fascist tendencies.

Yeah, Brian, as a hardcore sci-fi fan but a Star Wars fan whose interest never went deeper than the movie and Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, I gotta warn you that that tattoo looks to me like a three-armed Swastika…

God dammit…I really want this tat, but now I’m all doubtful…

Maybe if I get it in the actual purple it’ll look better…I still don’t see the swastika though…

No if you get it in purple you’ll have your skull crushed by some nazi lowrider who thinks you’re a) making fun of swastikas by representing them only 3/4 full b) trying to fag up swastikas by doing them up in a fruity color