Anyone Have Nerdy/Video Game Tattoos?

Fudge, if y’all look here:

It looks a lot like the symbol for:

Rolling Sevens (777)
Symbol of the South African white supremacist Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB). Racists use this symbol to glorify systems of apartheid.

Sigh, I don’t think I’ll be getting this tattoo. Period. Thanks for the honesty, guys.

That’s what Hitler said.

Does this help with the visualization? (Before Hitler ruined the Swastika for the non-murderous fascists, there were both three- and four-armed variants. I’m surprised they chose that as the Tie Fighter symbol…)

EDIT: Holy crap, the site where I found that image is a place in Montana that sells replica Nazi uniforms. Zoinks.

Brian, maybe you consider getting the ink done in UV ink? Invisible unless under a blacklight - so you would have it, and likely with that sort of purple glow under a blacklight, but random people you meet under most situations aren’t going to get the wrong idea about it since they won’t see it.

random example image of UV tattoo:

yes get the crypto nazi tattoo in invisible ink…

Nononon, it’s okay, I’ll just get the Empire symbol, which will leave room on my arm for the Interstel symbol from Starflight.

I’ll likely be getting the Freespace 2 tattoo first at this point, though.

Thanks again, guys.

Whatever, if it has meaning to him it would have been a way for him to get what he wanted without worrying about pissing off people who think it means something else. It’s a good solution.

Nathan, I appreciate the suggestion, but now that i’ve seen the racist symbolism, I don’t want it on my arm at all, you know?

Makes me wonder if the folks who made Tie Fighter knew this…

“I got the tear drops because I get sad sometimes :(”

“The spiderweb on my elbow? I like Spiderman, what?”

“The SS stands for ‘So Sexy’”

Do what you gotta do man.

I see no swastika, I see a triskelion, which is the symbol on the flags of several places, including Sicily and the Isle of Man.

They also mention an SS symbol in that article. :-\

And it’s just one of the many different uses of the triskelion. Thw swastika is the most identifiable nazi symbol. I personally think it’s a bit of a reach. It’s probably just as obscure a reference as is the tie fighter symbol itself.

Granted, that’s why you get a henna version first, to give it a teast run.

It’s a joke because you recommended homeopathy as a cure for the common cold in another thread.

You’re going to make some great (big) friends, mate!

(google “nazi triskele”)

…And I’m laughably late to the party :(

Where is ‘Deutschlanb’?

Note: I don’t personally wear any tattoos nor do I endorse the tenets of National Socialism.

Guys, I’m already bummed that I’m not getting the tat, could y’all stop rubbing salt in the wound, please?

I’ve got a Calvin and Hobbes on my left shoulder I’m very proud of. :)