Anyone Have Nerdy/Video Game Tattoos?

He’s not peeing on the cross or anything, right?

Anyone who says ‘tat’, shouldn’t.


Brian should clearly get the tattoo he wants, but also get this on the other arm

And then before people beat him for being a white supremacist he can encourage them to use their smartphone to scan his second tattoo and then they’ll be all ‘ooooooh!’ and rather than spitting on him for his racist ways they can spit on him for his rampant nerdity.

(Or maybe for getting the Star Wars equivalent of a Kanji tramp stamp that you think means ‘purity’ but actually says ‘hot fish stew’.)

I saw someone with a QR code tattoo the other day. That’s even nerdier than the 90’s bar code tattoos.

Can’t you get an imperial logo one instead? Like this:

If I ever deface my body with a permanent rendition of something that looks like a talented and bored middle-schooler’s classroom doodling, I’ll probably get Han Solo shooting George Lucas in the bar at Mos Eisley.

Hahah, no, no QR codes, and I would honestly still love to get that TF tattoo, but since it looks so much like racist symbology, I just can’t.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m going to get now instead. First the Freespace 2 tattoo though.

Here’s the Official Heirarchy of Tattoo Terminology, from least to most offensive:


Work - “Who did your work, bro?”
Tat - “Sick tat, bro.”
Ink - “I really like your ink, bro.”
Art - “I’ve got some art myself, bro.”

Oh, huh, didn’t know that. “Tat” is just easier to type on a smartphone. :-)

I’ve seen tattoo artists use all of the above interchangably with tattoo, so I’m guessing those are just terms that annoy him, personally.

Oh just get the tat already. If you’re going to stamp yourself with a permanent indicator of your poor judgment, may as well dive in with both feet.

I’ve got a sick tat of John Many Jars’s johnson on the sole of my left foot.

I have very big feet.

Very, very, very big.

Whoa you can’t say any of these? That’s pretty restrictive, frank!

Poor judgment?

Pretending not to understand stuff?

I’m confused. How is it poor judgement to decide ultimately NOT to get a tattoo that is insanely similar to symbols that represent racism and such?

No, people without tattoos can’t say it. T-word privileges.

I think Zylon might be questioning the decision to get a pop-culture based tattoo in the first place.

Oh, well then Zylon can go fuck himself in the ear.