Anyone have strong feelings about electric grills?

I need a new one for my kitchen, and I’m really not fond of the Foremans. I think they’re overpriced and have some horrible design flaws. However, they’re so pervasive I don’t know much about any other brands. I’m mainly looking for one that’s large enough to serve for two people and that does a good job of browning and searing. Bonus points for griddling/panini making/whathaveyou, but those aren’t the primary purpose I’m looking for, so that doesn’t matter as much. Cleanup is important, though. (And is a really strong complaint against the Foremans.)

Any suggestions?

(Yes, I know, get a real grill. I have one, thanks. They serve fairly different purposes for me.)

My wife got me a cast iron grill pan to use on the stove instead. I don’t miss my foreman and don’t think that I would go back to an electric one again. Something like this. Being cast iron you can get a really good sear on it, plus if you get a reversible one you have your griddle too. Season it and right it’s pretty much non-stick, and clean up is a breeze.

Not interested. I don’t cook on these things because I’m overly concerned with how the food turns out. I cook on them because it’s something with a timer that lets me cook in about 8 minutes while I’m doing other things. If I cared that much about flaver I’d skip the internal cooking entirely and use the real grill.

I haven’t used it, but “America’s Test Kitchen” did a comparison and chose a Krups model:

“Comments: The largest grill and the only one to pass all our tests with flying colors. Burgers and salmon were deeply browned, zucchini was absolutely even, and sandwiches were golden and crisp. Spaciousness and performance makes the extra cleanup associated with the fixed grill plates worth the bother.”

We really like our Cuisinart, because of its ease of cleaning and temperature controls. I love pressed sandwiches.

The only thing I can say after owning a both the foremans grill and another grill (i forget the name, but it started with an H I think). Go with one that has removable plates for easier cleaning. I got my foremans grill as a housewarming gift and promptly stopped using it after about the 3rd or 4th time when I got sick of cleaning it because you couldn’t remove the plates.

Once I finally got a BBQ I don’t even bother with the electric grills because I can fire up the BBQ pretty quickly and it tastes much better and it’s close by.

EDIT: H grill = Hamilton Beach!

I recommend the Larry Holmes GrillMaster XL. And you can take that to the lake!

The thread title had me really really concerned for humanity.

Hey, sometimes our appliances just need a cuddle! Nothing wrong with that!

I personally get a tingling in my no-no place when I see one.

Yeah, I guess I should have been more clear that I meant that when I said “ease of cleaning”. I also think temperature knobs and cooking settings are key vs the Foreman “one heat fits all” approach, which got old fast.

Decent sized cooking surface and such too? Any opinions about the ability to use it as a folded out, open grill surface?