ANyone having trouble getting AVG 7.0 updates?

I have had trouble connecting and then when it does connect, the connection has often failed. After several tries, it eventually completes. I am sure it updated regularly for a couple weeks after I upgraded to 7.0.

It was doing that to me last week. The last couple updates have been fine, though.

I was having trouble. Finally got my update. Looks like the update servers are being hammered, I don’t pay a cent for it so I’m fine with that.

ANyone having trouble getting AVG 7.0 updates?

Yeah, it’s been for me like that for two weeks now. Had to download the files manually from their website.

Same here. Their servers seem to be slow, but am still getting my updates.

I paid for AVG 7.0 professional. Just cause I really liked it, and I wanted to suport the company. Plus, they sell two-year licenses, so it’s a better bargain than Nortan and McAfee that make you pay every year. (Yeah, it’s not free, but like I said, I liked it.)

Anyway, my professional version has no probs with updates. I run the free version on my laptop (I need to get around to upgrading it), but yeah, the free version has a tough time getting updates lately.

I haven’t had any problems with updates - it updates itself every night, no problem. But I have an AVG question. You know that little box that springs up on the lower right hand corner of the screen when AVG is checking your email? Is there anyway to turn it off without turning off AVG’s scanning ability? It bugs the crap out of me.

Getting them fine all along, though they’ve been slow the past week or so. Speed issue has cleared up the past couple of days, though.

Seems to work again. Just updated and everything was smooth.

OK, back to normal. Must have been a hiccup for a few days.

I use Avast, so I don’t know, mine works fine…