Anyone here have AT&T Wireless?

My Mom and I are on a Verizon plan together, but AT&T just went to her and presented a “too good to be true” package deal. I’m wondering what experiences people here have had with them and if this is something we should move to?

We have had it for a long time, in NYC and here. No problems that I can think of.

I’ve had them for 20 yrs (from when they were Singular or whatever it was) and it’s always been great. As long as they have good coverage in your area, you’ll be fine.

Super. Thanks!

I think it also depends on your local coverage. AT&T is great for me, but I’ve lived places where Verizon had better coverage.

Always had AT&T, but watch out for hidden fees that only show up on the bill, not what they advertise.