Anyone here still tinker with older games?

It just seems like, for most gamers, its a rush to the newest thing, including myself. Yet I find more satisfaction playing a lot of Pocket Fighter and Crash Team Racing on my PSOne w/LCD and MechWarrior 4 and Diablo II on the PC side.

Nostalgia, or just something different?

I’m always playing old stuff. I recently bought Metroid and Kirby’s Adventure for NES and played those and some other NES favorites with my kids. Super Mario Bros., Tecmo Super Bowl and Solar Jetman ate a lot of my time. While waiting for Resident Evil on Gamecube, I went back and played RE: Code Veronica on Dreamcast.

I routinely play older stuff on the PC too. It really just depends how handy the CDs are (or if I’ve got the floppies around or an old game is installed) to determine what I play there.

Overall though, probably most of my “older” games I’m playing lately are on consoles. Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross and Front Mission 3 on PSOne… always lots of Dreamcast titles like Sonic Adventure, San Francisco Rush 2049, Mars Matrix, Bangai-O and lots of two or more player stuff too. With the kids, pretty much anything goes and my oldest latches onto different games at different times. Super Smash Bros. Melee is played a lot as is Super Monkey Ball.

I’ve been talking about Treasure a lot on these boards and with some friends so I went back and played Guardian Heroes on Saturn just this past week. What a phenomenal game that is… then while the Saturn was out I pulled out the gun and Virtua Cop 1 and 2 for some shooting fun. Both are great conversions from the arcade. I would have gone through my whole Saturn collection if I hadn’t started playing Eternal Darkness which has me pretty much entranced so far. I also routinely buy old games at cut rate prices or used to make sure I’ve got them in my collection. PSOne titles are on my hitlist right now. So many that I’ve played through rentals that I want to make sure I own like Colony Wars Vengeance, Ape Escape, etc.

So you’re not alone…


I just recently reinstalled StarCraft and Diablo II:LOD. I am also reinstalling Janes USAF with the latest user-developed admin patch.

Janes USAF with the latest user-developed admin patch.

What’s this patch for, exactly?

I wouldn’t really consider Diablo II and ‘older’ game, given that the game industry is by now, fairly old. Diablo II still seems like a flavor of the month to me, but maybe it’s because my idiot friends still jabber about it constantly. If you ask me, just get an old computer (from an old office or something), and beef it up with other oldies (I found those in a school dumpster).

I have a RAMmed-out 386 in my basement I use for word processing, Infocom text adventures (as well as the newer interactive fiction stuff), and most importantly, X-Com. Wing Commander works well on it, but only in EGA mode. Quest for Glory has to be one of my favorite games of all time, despite the fact that all other Sierra adventures I’ve played suck. Good music, considering that it beeps out of the PC speaker. Old PCs, by the way, have far superior speakers (in my experience) than newer ones. Any old abandonware game that you can download but need Mo’slo to play probably works on it, so I play the older Ultimas until I can get an authentic Apple II. I’m pretty sure Ultima VII would break it, though.

I think I have more fun with this beast than my newer one, which by now has sickened me by the fact that it needs an upgrade, but I really don’t feel like spending money on something so pointless.

On eBay, I’ve over time bought a bunch of highly-praised old DOS games I never got to play the first time around, so I could “catch up with the classics,” and have been having a hell of an unpleasant time getting them to work. DOS sucks.

Some of the games which refuse to boot or install or whatever include the CD-ROM “talkie” versions of these games:

  • Crusader: No Remorse (freezes during install)
  • Betrayal at Krondor (battling with “not enough EMS” messages)
  • Star Control & Star Control II (no audio, other issues)
  • Alien Logic (won’t run; EMS issues)
  • Syndicate (no audio)
  • Dragonsphere (won’t run; EMS issues)
  • Alone in the Dark 1-3 (won’t run)
  • The Scroll/Daughter of the Serpents (EMS issues; won’t run)

Haven’t tried the Tex Murphy game I bought yet.

I’ve tried creating DOS and Win 98 partitions to run these games, with no luck. I’ve tried various boot disk configurations. It’s oh-so-fun to have 256MB and be told you don’t have enough memory to run a game that would fit on a floppy disk.

Seems like a shame that the legacy of PC computer games is so difficult to access for the current generation. There are emulators out there for every other sort of computer under the sun; we need a DOS emulator that works for games. (Virtual PC isn’t designed for that task, and Connectix refuses to go that route.)

Eh… crap. Maybe I need to re-sell these games.

I’d play my older PC games but XP won’t lemme without some major tinkering. I’d love to run through Space Quest and Crusader again tho. I guess I need to find an old DOS box.

We play a lot of older games at my place. I still run Win 95 on my primary machine, so DOS games run reasonably well.

Age of Rifles, Nethack, Colonization, Conquest of the New World…all on my machine at the moment. Some of them do require a little tinkering to work properly, though.

The problem with these games isn’t with your total amount of memory – it’s with the amount of memory that you have free in the first 640k (the “Conventional” memory, IIRC). I remember spending many, many hours fiddling with this stuff back in the day.

Here’s what you want to do: make a small FAT partition with DOS 6.22 for running those old games. Use the partition to make a series of boot disks. These boot disks should load the essential memory managers, etc. into high memory and the like. Then you can nuke the partition and just use the boot disks.

Alternately, if you want to keep a bootable DOS 6.22 partition, do so and either use the memmaker utility in DOS 6.22 or find a copy of the old QEMM386 (was that the name of it?) which will do some crazy aggro stuff with loading programs into unused video shadow memory and the like.

The ultimate result is to have more than 610k or so of CONVENTIONAL memory available when you type “mem” at the dos prompt. If you get that much free, you should be able to play damn near anything (except for some Navy Seals game which, for the life of me, I never freed up enough memory to run, even with a boot disk!)

E-mail me directly if you need more help on this – I’d be happy to try to throw together a bootdisk or two and e-mail 'em to ya.

I used to retrogame a lot, though that was partly because my machine wasn’t powerful enough to run newer games. I think I hit my nadir when I actually drove to a store to buy graph paper so I could map the dungeons in Questron, which I was playing on an
Apple ][ emulator. :shock:

Also, for an intense brainless gaming session, it’s still hard to beat Demon Attack on an Atari 2600 emulator…

I just started a new game of Starcraft, after I work through the first campaigns ill let the Brood War Campaigns bloody my nose all over again.

Good gameplay is timeless. Graphics help, of course, but there are still great games from the old days. Ben Sones mentioned Battle Bugs in his ‘who am I’ post, and I almost fell out of my chair. That is a great old game that I didn’t think anyone played; an early RTS with a great theme.

The old games can be a problem to run on newer machines. I thought about buying an old 486 notebook just do run old games on them, but I’m not sure how many problems I’d still have since portables can be unreliable. I like that they upgraded X-Com in the collectors edition to run on the Windows platform…I wish a few more companies would do that with the classics.

Check this website here :

There are two patches - the Admin 8.4 patch at 17 MB’s. This is a large update of all the flight models and other functions in Janes USAF.

There is a second patch available - the Admin Super Pro patch at 440 MB’s. It’s basically a re-write of the entire Janes USAF game.

Thanks, Sean! :)

I spent many months last year playing Sid Meier’s Covert Action.

I’ve got an old P150 Win95 laptop packed with games. It’s my version of a Gameboy. Civ II, X-COM: UFO Defense, Complete Carriers at War, Steel Panthers: World at War, GTA - London 1969, King of Dragon Pass, Eye of The Balor, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV, Daggerfall, Darklands (Ultimate version), Command Aces of The Deep and Civil War Generals 2. For all the ones that have made it on the HD of Fame there are others that I couldn’t get to run or didn’t like enough. Most I bought at various sites online or on Ebay though a few were found in stores with good back catalogues. Eye of The Balor is the only one I liberated from an abandonware site as it’s impossible to find.

I’ve also kept my P350 Win98 (Voodoo2) machine for my flight sims as my HOTAS setup doesn’t work with USB or XP very well. Certain other non-XP compliant games run fine on it as well.

I probably play as many classic games in a week as I do new ones unless I’m particularly obsessed with a title.

My Dreamcast hasn’t seen action in a while but I play some older PSOne titles on the PS2 including Front Mission 3 (it was new to me at the time) and Romance of The Three Kingdoms VI.

Since I’ve mentioned RoTK twice I’ll go a third time and point out, to any fans, that RoTK VII is out for the PS2. If you hate RoTK don’t play it. If you are a fan of the series or curious, this is my favorite one yet with some good roleplaying elements (you can play any character, not just a ruler). I’ve already spammed other forums with my overflowing love of this title and I’m pretty proud of myself that I haven’t sullied Quarter to Three yet. Whoops. :roll:

A friend of mine and I used to get together, drink beers, and play Ramparts on the SNES. Now we both have kids and we were too loud and cursed too much to do that as often.

Surrounding your guns with a bunch of Tetris like pieces and then blowing each other to bits and then start all over again.

Mmmm.Mmmmm. Pure gameplay goodness. :D

Lately I’ve been scouring the 9.99 racks for jewel-case games from the last 5 years or so. There’s a certain perverse joy in buying games like Jedi Knight, Might and Magic 6, and Homeworld for one fifth their original cost. They run like a charm on a (nowadays) average machine, too.

Front Mission 3 IS awesome. I have been checking the bargin bin for PSOne, PC, and Dreamcast titles. I mostly pick up PSOne titles since I feel my Dreamcast collection is complete. Here’s a run-down list:

Hey Tyjenks, did you ever play Rock n Roll Racing. Awesome racing title with very well done music.

Oh, and notice Tech Romancer under the Dreamcast list on the link above? Best robot fighter ever. Forget about Cyberbots. Tech Romancer also has the best story mode in a fighting game ever. Oh yes it rocks. Its a fun game too, it’s still on sale at I think. Check it out if you want.