Anyone here use "Cheat Engine" to adjust game speeds?

I don’t use cheat engine to cheat, I gain no fun in that kind of thing as I play games for the challenge; what I do use it for is the manipulation of game speed. I was introduced to CE because Sunless Skies insanely slow speed and downtime was driving me nuts. So cheat engine allowed me to speed up the game 2.5x literally saving me ~50 hours of real life play hours.

I’m just wondering, before I try it the opposite way (slow time down and potentially screwing or causing major errors) how this cheat engine is able to speed up time in a game like Sunless Skies?

I was thinking of using it for Anno 1800. Nice thing is you can assign keyboard commands. So I could have shift-1 be 1/2 time for when I need speed slowed while trying to map out intricate designs and making decisions, and shift-2 back to normal time. The game is simply too hectic for me, and maybe cheat engine can let me slow time down. But Anno is already a little unstable at times and I’m not sure if that will drive my computer into some very bad hard locks which I would want to avoid.

Umm Anno 1800 already has speed settings. I know + and - on the keyboard adjust speed, also I recall there is a icon on the screen where you can adjust speed.

I need a half-time speed (slower than normal). They don’t have that unless they added it in the most recent patch. Also when you pause the game you can’t do a lot of the changes and decisions you need. Your speeds are pause (limiting what you can do), normal, faster, fastest.

Not usually. Sunless Sea was the exception, not the norm.

Does CE work on load times?

No it doesn’t.


If a game would require me to do that, I just don’t play it (or buy it to begin with).
Life’s too short for games designed to waste your time, lacking basic speed-up options.

Sunless Skies has great story, but the developers were absolute dogs about wasting your time. They wanted to make you feel how big the systems were and the lengthy trips were part of drumming up fear (which didn’t work). They just annoyed the living crap out of half their player base and after repeated calls to speed thing up during early beta to change this they refused. But now in an upcoming patch they’re going to add faster engines. But that was too little too late for a lot of us.

I never knew this existed but I’m very exited to try this at some point. Thanks!

Yea, at this point it’s pure magic LOLOL which is why I want to de-mystify it a bit before using in something much more demanding.

No, they weren’t. Playing Sunless Skies with a baby cheat like this is very likely to introduce pacing and gameplay issues in the game – and could risk not firing banters and story hooks as you go.

I hit all the story hooks and got all the banter with sped up time (I checked the wiki to make sure I hadn’t missed anything after I finished). Keep in mind it doesn’t speed up just the ship, it speeds up everything including the internal countdown clock for banter. At any rate, if you want to call it a “baby cheat” because I wanted to experience their excellent story-telling but not waste a week of my real life so be it. My life and my time are valuable to me.

I didn’t realize this was a thing until the Devil May Cry community started doing it for DMC5, which doesn’t have a turbo mode like the prior games.

They’ve been hacking in all sorts of amazing technical tricks to make the game feel more immediate like previous entries.