Anyone here want to buy an MP3 player?

If this violates a rule of the Powers That Be, my apologies–I don’t think it does, but it wouldn’t be the first time, or last, that I’ve shown my ignorance. I tried Craigslist a couple of times without success, and for personal reasons I can’t EBay it. I’d prefer to sell to a New Yorker I could meet somewhere, but I’ll listen to everyone.

I have a 40GB Creative Zen Touch. It’s three months old, in perfect shape, no screen scratches at ALL–you could think it was brand new. Comes with the charger/adapter, USB 2.0 cable, and the 1300-odd songs on it, which you can do with what you will. I can’t find the CD with the drivers, but that stuff is readily available for free off of Creative’s website.

I also have a 3-year BB Product Service Plan on this–cost me $50 when I got it.

All yours for $250. Someone want to help out a fellow QT3’er, and score yourself a cool MP3 player in the process?

And if I could ask, could we please pass on the “E5, WHICH ------” in this thread? I’m selling this because of severe personal problems, not because I want to…and I’m just not in the mood for the jokes.

Dammit, I’m getting soft in my old age.

Jokes aside, I’d buy it from you as I’m looking for an MP3 player and I’ve heard good things about the Zen, but I just placed my order for the iAudio X5 today. Good luck!

I’m not trying to be an ass, but if you couldn’t sell it on CraigsList, there’s a good chance you’re simply asking too much. The BIN price on eBay for brand new units is $220 or even less, and used ones are often well under $200.

Drop your price accordingly and I’d imagine it would sell swiftly enough.

Or you can hope someone here is just in a good mood and willing to pay an $80 premium out of the kindness of their hearts.

Not for a 40GB model I don’t think, and this also carries the 3-yr Best Buy ext service plan, which costs an extra $50.

$219.95, brand new.

That’s the problem with electronics of almost any kind–you can almost guarantee that if you wait a few more months, it’s going to be a little cheaper. And if you can wait longer, it’s almost always going to be a lot cheaper and a little better.

That’s fucked up–really didn’t think it had gotten THAT cheap :(.

I’ll do $250 if anyone is interested.

Anyone? I’ll throw in a couple of PC games to sweeten the pot…


Dude, these are $220 new. You can probably get $199 for it if you’re lucky since you have the BB guarantee, but if you’re holding out for those last $50…good luck with that.

You’re wrong about not needing the CD. My friend bought one used and I had to send him files off my CD before he could use the thing. The site’s files won’t install fresh, apparently; they’re updates. If you try installing the site’s files without a previous install they exit because they didn’t detect your product.

I find it hard to believe that you can’t get the full version legitimately off the net somewhere. Putting only updates on the web site makes the CD irreplaceable which is a big no no for support reasons. Your friend maybe just wasn’t able to find it? Seems more likely.

A long time ago I remember talking to a Creative rep about their driver situation, and he actually defended their policy at the time of not having a driver on their Web site. He said (not shit) it thwarted piracy.

I was just completely and utterly flabbergasted by such a crazy statement. They didn’t want “non legitimate” users from downloading drivers “for free” for their hardware. Pretty much that and a few other events have made me really down on Creative.

That makes like no sense. I mean really I was looking forward to useing those creative drivers on my iPod.

Yeah, no shit. The developer relations guy looked at me like I was crazy or alarmist. The reason it came up was because I had purchased an SB Live! (or something like that) and lost the CDs, and I asked him “Oh, hey, I couldn’t find those on your Web site, where are they?”

And he was like, “Well, we don’t have those posted because of pirates…but you can use one of these CDs I brought.”

At which point my hackles are up.

“Okay…thanks. But what’s a consumer supposed to do in the off-chance they’re not standing next to a Developer Relations guy from Creative?”

“Well, they probably shouldn’t have lost the CD. It’s necessary for installation. But I think they can phone us and provide proof of purchase and we’ll mail them a CD for a nominal charge.”

That pretty much defined Creative for me.

Maybe they meant actual pirates. As in, Apple, say, hired bands of pirates to attack Creative’s ships, and told them they wouldn’t stop until they took the drivers off of their page.

I find it hard to believe that you can’t get the full version legitimately off the net somewhere. Putting only updates on the web site makes the CD irreplaceable which is a big no no for support reasons. Your friend maybe just wasn’t able to find it? Seems more likely.[/quote]

No, not likely, because I looked too once, thinking I could get all the files I needed without the CD. Boy, was I wrong.

Though I have been able to go CD-less for my Audigy 2.

Never heard of piracy being a problem for hardware vendors. Sounds like an excuse to me.

Y’all really should check first before you respond

The first file in the list is the driver.

And they are NOT updates–I’ve done a fresh install with that driver myself.

The irony of this post just knocked me off my chair.