Anyone interested in a new dom2 game?

We haven´t had a dom2 post in this forum for weeks, so I thought I´d get a new game going.

I was thinking about 8 players on the land of sharivar map which can be found here:
It´s a pretty large download, but the map is really pretty with lots of atmosphere.


I´d like to go with:
indies 6
score graphs off
hard research
renaming on
no special victory condition


Quantum_mechani has released a mod over at the shrapnel forums that rebalances the game to nerf several dominant strategies(lifedrain, wrathful skies, ghostking, Caelum etc) and aims to make all useless units/spells/items somewhat useful.
It can be found here:

I´d really like to use this mod, I guess everyone is fed up with using the old standardized pretenders/SCs.

It would be great if we could use either Nick´s or Jm´s server, with 24h fixed hosting. If we can´t get a dedicated server, I would host the game pbem style.

Of course none of these settings are set in stone, so if you´d like to play but dislike the settings tell me what you´d like to have changed.

Players so far:

  1. Ioticus:Mictlan
  2. Jeffr: pangeae (if we get a dedicated server)
  3. RonD: Pythium (if he doesn´t get lost in space)

So this game looks interesting. I heard it is very difficult to learn, though. How difficult?

Also, is it turn based in the sense that everyone makes their moves, and at a pre-determined interval whatever they did happens?

Yeah it´s pretty difficult to learn.

I`d suggest you try the demo, which can be found here: (60MB)

Then read the newbie guide so you aren´t completely lost:

If you find yourself thinking about the game when you go to sleep, then it´s the right game for you ;) .

Euri- Incredibly difficult. Vertical learning curve.

The way it works is everyone submits their moves to the server, and once everyone has the moves resolve concurrently. So I think Yes is the answer to your question.

The best part about moving was I found my long-lost Dominions 2 CD. I’d play, but I’d embarrass myself.

It’s not very hard to learn if you read some of the online help files. Learning various strategies takes a lot of time though. A demo is available as well. I’ve been playing for months and all my other games have been forgotten. Dominions 2 is my dream game in many ways.

Turrin, I’d like to join as Mictlan. I’d prefer default settings with 72 hour quick host or better yet PBEM. If not, I’d still like to play.

I’m in as Pangaea.

I haven’t played in a while, but I’d really like to try the new mod package. The way you have it set up sounds good to me.

I haven’t tried it yet, but do you just have to enable the “Complete” mod and the other mods (items, nations, pretenders, scales, spells) will all be enabled automatically?

Oh, I should have added that I’m only in if it’s a network game, not a PBEM game. - thanks, jeff.

Is this mod different than Zen’s conceptual balance mod?

Hmmm - I’m having a hard time tearing myself away from my Space Rangers 2 addiction to play the once a month turns in Panther’s big anonymous game - but I’m sure a Dom2 game will last longer than my SR2 addiction.

So I’ll call Pythium, while reserving the right to change my mind in a few days to anything else that hasn’t been called :lol:

Guildboss, I think QM has taken over Zen’s project.

I took a quick look and it looks like it is the latest version of Zen’s mods. I think I read somewhere that Quantum has taken over for Zen.

Yeah the mod is mostly Zen´s.
Quantum_mechani did the Nations part, the buffs to the national heroes come from me, the part about items comes mostly from quantum_mechani.

The pretender,spell and scales changes are from updated versions by quantum_mechani from Zen´s mods. In particular rainbow mages become more interesting choices, the price for most of the weak globals was lowered, the scale mod is mostly unchanged.

You only need the file.(the cbccomplete.tga is nice to have as well) . I don´t really understand why he chose to bundle all the files in one package and mix it up with the oceania mod.

There are a few known bugs still in that version, if q_m doesn´t come out with a new fixed version before the game is full I will post a special version that fixes them for this game.