Anyone interested in playing Diablo II?

The 1.10 Diablo II patch should be coming shortly and I wanted to get back in the hang of the game. Anyone interested in joining in for some questing? PM or e-mail me.

[email protected]

After weeks of stories in the Shacknews Comments, I’ve considered buying Crack II. I’ve played it a bit on a friend’s computer, I’m at Diablo on the normal level or wherever you start.
I didn’t buy the original Crack either, or play it much.

I think I’d be up for it, but my only character is a level 15 Ass. :( I guess I’m a bit behind you guys. Hopefully the patch won’t be out for at least 2 more weeks so I’ll have time to fully enjoy it once my summer class is over.

As long as it’s lord of destruction, I’d be up for it, too.

Diablo 2 isn’t really worth it without the LOD expansion.

No problem on character lvl. I long ago deleted all my high lvl characters and my current highest is a lvl 51 barbarian. I would actually like to begin with a fresh character. Playing with someone you know is much more fun than solo or just hooking up on

I am adivad on US East.


It is absolutely LOD.


Man, looking over the 1.10 rumors on rekindled my interest. I’ve actually been having a great time lately with Warcraft III, so I’d be up for some Diablo II as well. Make it a Blizzard summer!

However, I’d have to reinstall D2 and start with a lvl 1 character. If you guys are game for starting new characters, I’m in. And should we wait on 1.10, which seems to be in an ‘any day now’ holding pattern?

Anyway, email sent, David.


How’d you manage to pull that off?

I’d be up for this too. Never got up the nerve to play multiplayer, so if we go with starting new characters I’m all for it.

would this be a regularly scheduled event, or pick up gaming with email notification, like RoN?

Don’t let wumpus see this.

The 1.10 stuff on is beyond rumors since Blizzard is leaking info in bits and pieces to whet everyone’s interest again. I plan on playing shortly probably before the patch comes out just to reorient myself to the controls and such. I will be starting a new character when 1.10 hits.

I’ll try to setup some time tomorrow. Dean, I got your PM, but haven’t checked my e-mail yet. Been playing Planetside tonight. Very good stuff going on there.


I’m interested, but I’d like to see how 1.10 shakes down first.

I’d need to create from scratch again as well.

With 1.10, the ladder characters will all begin from scratch. Go to for all the hot scoop on what the patch will bring.


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[shock and awe]I’ve never played Diablo (one or two)[/shock and awe], but I’ve been meaning to give it a try. If you guys are starting from scratch as Tom suggested and don’t mind playing with a n00b, I’m in.

Yeah, Diablo II is nearing the top of my to-be-played queue, and co-op sounds fun. PM sent.

  • Alan

I’m in, email sent.

Mike, you were the one saying how you were looking for cooperative games, right? You can stop looking now.

Just last night myself and my wife and our friend and his son stayed up playing D2 until 5:00am, and then we promptly woke up at 10:00am today to resume (we had to quit at 1:30pm). There was a very brief bout of Serious Sam 2 co-op, but only because the other adults needed a break, so the kid and I shot at things that ran toward us and screamed a lot. They had never seen SS2 before, so when one of the game characters said out loud, “Didn’t I just kick your ass two minutes ago?,” it got quite a laugh. Then it was back to hoarding magic items and gold dropped by monsters. Best carrot-and-stick game evar.

I just spent a couple of hours playing on battlenet by myself because I couldn’t find Dave (or anyone else for that matter).

My account name is Qt3Dean.
My character name is NecroDean (I’m a necromancer, believe it or not.)

I created a game called Qt3 with a password of Qt3.

In the future if I can’t find anyone I will create a game called Qt3 with the password of Qt3 so if you see it, come on in.

I’ll play. I never really played Diablo II online with a group of people I knew. Always random people. Ick. No fun, that.