Anyone interested in playing Diablo II?

I just played for about an hour. I’ll add you to my friends list.

We seem to have an interested bunch so we need to set some times to give it a whirl.


I might be up for a little Diablo 2 with LOD after the 1.10 patch comes out. I had a really high level assassin before but I haven’t played in so long I think it was wiped from I think I’d like to start over anyway.

Drop me a PM or email when the patch comes out and I’ll re-install everything.

We can even fire up TeamSpeak if you guys want to voice chat while we play. Which is always a Good Thing.

I’m excited for 1.1

I really didn’t think voice would work well in games, but using TeamSpeak during Planetside games has changed my mind. If the PS group isn’t using the server, the DII players may hijack it (or setup their own).


Oh my god. If you could possibly clear up some time from the Nintendo Nostalgia Tour 2003, it might be worth checking out what some consider to be one of the best games ever made for the PC. Yeah.

Right now our LAN parties have been dominated by Natural Selection. Serious LAN, The Second Encounter takes place Saturday but I think we might end up skipping SS2 and going right to NS. I guess I’ll find out soon enough about D2.

So it looks like I’m picking up Diablo II plus expansion tomorrow. Since Thursday when I decided not to buy anything until my next check I’ve purchased 8 CDs, 4 DVDs, and now a game plus expansion pack. Go me.

I’ve been lurking hereabouts for quite a while, think this is my 3rd post (or so).

Anyway… I dove back into Diablo2 about two weeks ago; if there’s a QT3 group playing, I’m definitely game. Using the account name “greyjack” on bnet.

Best carrot-and-stick game evar.

Absolutely. Hadn’t played for a couple years, loaded it back up the other day, and good god, seriously, I mean, yow.

How does this sound?

I will be playing a WHOLE lot this weekend as my wife is out of town and I am sending my daughter to my parents for a couple of days. Whooo hooo!

If you want to hook up for a larger group anytime between 6 PM on Friday and 10 PM on Sunday, I am down for that. My account is adivad on USEast and, unless someone claims it first, will be playing under a game named QT3 with password QT3. I’ll be using the same game name during the week too.

The 1.10 patch isn’t out yet so those waiting for it can continue to wait.

The list of interested players include ( account names are included if available):
DavidCPA - adivad
Tom Chick
Andrew Bub
Mike Cathcart
Alan Au
Andrew Myers - greyjack
Jason Cross
plus a couple of guys who e-mailed me that I can’t remember and are on my home PC IE.

Here’s the real deal - If there is someone who would like to try the game, I have an extra copy** of DII and the LOD expansion that someone can use. I even have a strategy guide if you need it. You just have to promise to return them at some point in the future. [color=red]I reserve the right to reject your request if I don’t think you will return it.[/color]

**Extra copy is NOT a euphemism for burned CDs and stolen CD keys. These are real Blizzard discs in real Blizzard cases with valid CD keys. PM me on the board or e-mail me at [email protected].

I look forward to playing DII:LOD with you guys.


Corrected name for Alan and Andrew Myers.

Sigh, because you know how much free time I have between boardgaming online, RoN, my console gaming and that nasty real life stuff.

My chars, all likely gone by now were on USWest, but if everyone is on East, so shall I (I will start tonight anew) though I will not be around this weekend.

My account name is TommyTutone and my characters will be named Sorcetone, Baritone, Assatone, etc. for whatever class I do create.

And we have a winner - DrCrypt in Ireland. I would have been hesitant to send them to Ireland but I just read DrCrypt’s TATU analysis on another thread and thought he needed something to occupy his time :D

PM me your address and I’ll put it on the next slow boat to Ireland.

And yes I am posting it on the board just in case someone has a horror story about DrCrypt not returning something and would like to share it before I mail the CDs.


I might be interested, but I’m out of town on a cycling tour June 21-28. If the patch doesn’t come in during that time, I may be in luck.

I think I had a Javazon going in D2 a long time ago, but by now I’ve totally forgotten how to play the game. I also bought LOD when it came out and, to the best of my knowledge, never opened the box. I hope there’s a disc inside. :)

Too many games, so little time… and the pile never stops growing. :-P

I lent him a CD once

He claims he destroyed it for the good of humanity.

How do I get in touch with the Nobel committee? :)

Since DavidCPA is being kind enough to lend me his copy, I’d love to get in on some of the Diablo 2 action with youse guys. The caveats are that I live in Ireland, I’m on a 56k connection and my bedtime is at 8.

OK, I picked up the Diablo Battle Chest today so I’m ready to go. This game better not suck.

Diablo II can be very, very addictive. My plan to only play for an hour last night turned into 1 - 1/2 hours with my wife forcing me away from the PC. It was getting my new Paladin to level 6 or else. I hope we can get a group going this weekend.


Seems like there are some decently priced copies on Ebay…

Are there any cd-key dangers I need to be aware of if I was going to buy it used?

Hey, no fair, I haven’t even installed it yet. I didn’t know there was going to be homework before the big game.

Man, this is going to be like that time I showed up for an algebra test and didn’t get a pencil until there were five minutes left in the class…

I think you can create as many accounts for a cd-key as you want but only one account per cd-key can play. This is just from what I recall from a while ago so I could be wrong.

– Xaroc

Hey if you don’t mind an irregular joining in I’d like to, Should we figure out who’s going to play what class? ie. Who gets stuck with the paladin.