Anyone know a good DVD authoring program for 16:9?

Hi guys. I’m trying to make a DVD for my father for Christmas. The avi files I have are in 16:9 ratio (no top or bottom borders). I have no experience burning DVDs, so I downloaded the trial version of ULead’s DVD Workshop 2, but when I try to add these avi files to my project, it “converts” them to 4:3 ratio by just cutting off the left and right sides. What it really needs to do is add top and bottom borders to the 16:9 avis to make them 4:3, not crop them down. Try as I might, I can find no option to correct this, which makes me think this is a limitation of the program.

Could anyone recommend a newbie friendly DVD authoring program that would let me do what I’m talking about? Or suggest some method in which I could change the source avis? Thanks in advance.

Adobe Encore lets you specify the aspect ratio. It isn’t the most newbie friendly program, but a $15 book from Barnes and Noble made is simple. A really great program once you get into it, even better if you have any Photoshop knowledge.

Thanks for the recommendation, Jeremy, but I don’t really have the time to learn something complex. This DVD really needs to be done in the next day or two and I have no previous experience. A user-friendly program would really be what I’d be looking for.