Anyone know anything about the Smashing Pumpkins?

All I saw was a link to the site elsewhere with no additional info, but it claims they’re officially recording a new album. Do we even know who “they” are? I haven’t kept up, but last thing I heard Corgan and Iha weren’t even on speaking terms or something.

I know that the chances of them being as good as Siamese Dream or Mellon Collie are slim unfortunately.

Which is too bad.

It’s just Jimmy and Billy. D’Arcy and Iha fucking hate Corgan for their own personal reasons and I swear to God if you’re ever at an A Perfect Circle show and somebody walks up to Iha and just completely asks him, point blank, “So what’s the deal with you and Billy?” and then refuses to give up when Iha ignores him, LEAVE. Don’t try and get your ticket signed, don’t try and talk to him about his hobbies, just LEAVE. The ensuing slaughter will drench your favorite band shirt in blood and guts and that shit just stains.

Also, D’Arcy hates Billy because he’s an egotistical cunt.

The end.

It’s like Zwan, only under a different name!

I know all anyone need know:

Siamese Dream and Melon Collie… are two of the best rock albums ever made.

But the band sucked live.

You’re just angry because D’Arcy has a man-face and the rest of the band are ultra effeminate. Hard to rock out with your cock out when the best looking one in the band is a guy!

Did you just argue with yourself?

I beg to differ. I’ve seen them 3 times, both indoors and out. They brought the rock plenty, especially when Veruca Salt opened for them.

Yeah, I saw them live back in '96 with Garbage opening, on the Mellon Collie tour. They were great.

EDIT: And, come to think of it, again in '98 or so at an acoustic gig at the Grand Ole Opry. Also great.

Like Michael Stipe, Billy Corgan is still fighting the war on relevance.

Man, I was one of like eight people pissed that Veruca Salt split up. Eight Arms was a great album, highly underrated. Nina Gordon’s acoustic covers (e.g. Straight Outta Compton), but the cutesy acoustic covers of raw songs schtick has been done (cf. Dynamite Hack’s “Boyz in tha Hood” – a classic).

Louise is still going strong.

Veruca Salt may just have had the best band name in the history of music. After The Breeders, of course.

As far as the pumpkins go live, my gripe actually is with Corgan but not because he’s pretty or not pretty or whatever Met K is trying to say. It’s because when he’s in the studio I think he has one of the most beautifully mournful-yet-angry-sounding voices I’ve ever heard. Live most of his notes seem flat. It’s not like I have pitch-perfect hearing or anything, but when a singer is noticeably flat it really takes me out of the moment… and as cheesy as it sounds… when music puts you in a sort of state where time stops happening, it’s good shit. And when a band is capable of doing that in your freakin’ living room through your crappy CD player, it’s even better. Which makes it even worse when their lead singer shatters that experience live by failing to hit his notes.

Just because I want to gush over Mellon Collie some more…

That album is the best argument against iTunes playlists and Shuffle Play mode ever made. Listening to both disks… in order… is truly a trascendent experience. I’ll even commmit musical heresy and say its a better straight-through listening experience than anything Pink Floyd has done.

It’s literally as good as stoned Phish fans think their band is.

Bah. There are a zillion albums that don’t work if you listen to them out of order. Operation:Mindcrime, most Floyd, Roger Waters solo, any trance music, etc. That said, just for the sake of practicality I listen to my iPod in shuffle mode in my car. The only real issue being the incongruity of going straight from “Shortest Straw” to “Night Fever”.

Mellon Collie was a great album, but there were a handful of songs on there that just kind of reeked of pretentiousness…okay, more than a handful, that whole album was pretentious in a way that Roger Waters could only dream about. But it was still good.

Speaking of pretentious concept albums, I’m actually more embarrassed that I really liked Antichrist Superstar than I am that I went to Lilith Fair.


By Stephen Lynch. Love this song.

I’m loving this thread.

Just for the record they were terrible live.

I saw them play on the Lollapalooza tour and, after sneaking down to third row we ended up walking out early.

Also, they opened their segment of the show by playing the entire car chase scene from Bullitt on the main screen. I still can’t figure out what the hell that was about.

I saw ‘em in Austin with Garbage opening. They sounded like ass and tried to play every song twice as fast as it normally was. Everyone knows Corgan’s a pretty shitacular vocalist, but this was painful. He actually got pissed at one point and threw a little tantrum because the crowd wasn’t as "rockin’" as he would have liked.

Another highlight: When Garbage was playing, nobody seemed to want to pay them any attention. They were milling around and generally ignoring Shirley and her desperate “I’m sexy, damnit!” antics. She eventually got frustrated and said “we’re playing one more song just to piss you off” and nobody noticed or cared.

I wonder if Butch Vig ever produces any more, like in the old days…

You Seattle kids are jaded, man.

I saw Hole (HURHUR HOLE) right before they got big. They played a small venue here in Vegas that sadly no longer exists (The Huntridge. SNIF I saw Social D and Tool there…and The Secret of NIMH and Firefox on a double feature! Yoo haff stoolen de propurty of de OOO ESS ESS AHR!), sometime shortly after their bassist died and was replaced by a hot chick.

Courtney Lerv rocked pretty hard, I’ll admit. But! She made a critical rock star error. When an almost-empty plastic water bottle landed on stage near here, she playfully reminded the crowd that this wasn’t a Nine Inch Nails concert(??) and sprayed the crowd with the rest of the water in the bottle. She was immediately bombarded with all manner of shit, including something small, black and hard that fucking whizzed in out of nowhere and clocked her in the throat.

“FUCK YOU GUYS!” she (rightfully, sort of) screamed and stormed off stage. Her hot bassist timidly walked up to Love’s mic and said “S-sorry…” while the rest of the band looked like they’d been through this before.

Least I got to hear “Take Everything” and “Doll Parts” before the meltdown (and I had gotten in free). I liked them two first albums (did they make any others?). Love can really sing her some Corgan lyrics.

Yeah, what was it about the Pumpkins playing all the songs at double time? I also saw them during a Lollopalooza and it seemed like they played half of Siamese Dream in 15 minutes.

Bill, that was a shoe or a camera. I’m thinking it was a shoe, but my friend insisted that it was a camera. Either way, the bassist went on to play for L7. :)