Anyone know how to get around this download problem?

So this band called Babylon Zoo put their stuff online for download, but the problem is that the music files are obfuscated under some randomized text link. The site even tells me to use Right-Click to save the file, which obviously won’t work, as it wants to save it as an HTM file. This of course, is useless for listening to music with. Anyone know how to get around this (besides buying Quicktime Pro – eff that).

The problem seems to be that they report the file as type audio/mpeg, but Firefox doesn’t handle that type by default (expecting audio/x-mp3 instead) in the absence of a file extension.

It seems to work fine if you just manually rename it though; you still get a real MP3 file.

Cool, I just used IE and the “Save As…” worked fine.


Spaceman is a great song.