Anyone know how to use LightScribe?

So, I got my new system, which has one of those LightScribe DVD drives that lets you burn inscriptions onto your CD’s or DVD’s you burn…question is though, do you have to use special CD or DVD-R/RW’s?

I can get you as far as “yes”, but that’s where my knowledge stops. Still, better than a “WHICH WHATEVER?” joke, right? :)

Yes is the correct answer.

You buy a special cd/dvd. Burn it just like any other and then pop it out, turn it over and put it back in. Then you design your label using the programme that came with your drive, hit “burn” and wait 30 minutes only to recieve a crappy, yellowish, hard to see image.

Then you regret you didn’t buy a Canon, HP or Epson inkjet with built in cd-labelprint…

You need to spend some time with the labelling software. I can’t remember which i got bundled with my HP burner but it was 3rd party and pretty good. I even upgraded it to the deluxe version; but sadly this added not one additional custom LightScribe template but about 4k cheap and useless photo crops of fun things like that bush outside their office. You can do alot with CD labeling software and it will take some time just to get the label setup.

When you write a label in Lightscribe you need to make sure the text and background are white/black or black/white. Otherwise it will probably not be completely legible.

But yea you need some custom Lightscribe media. Verbatum has been pretty good for me so far. There are rumors of a media “upgrade” in the works around Christmas. Lightscribe is a completely chemical process so the quality of the scribe is dependent upon the media itself; so hopefully in the near future they’ll come up with a true black/white or 16 color media.

I can post some photos if you for some reason want to see how they turn out.

Sure, I’d love to see some pics of how they turn out–thanks :)