Anyone know if Apple is still doing logic board replacements for older G3 ibooks?

My ibook G3 just hit the inevitable logic board problem. When I look up my serial number online, it says that the estimated time it was sold was May, 03. I called Apple and got the “sorry, we can’t help you” line.

If I take it to an Apple store and plead with a genius, will I have better luck?

According to this the repair program ended in March 2005, so…sucks to be you, I guess. The repairs were being done at a central location, so I doubt a local store could help.

Of course, you could always wander over to this page… :)

yeah, I want a Macbook. But fixing the leaky basement is going to take that money.

I have a g3 Pismo powerbook I can use. The screen isn’t as nice, and it doesn’t have a burner, but it works.

Just to close this out, I went up to the Apple store near me and was told, “sorry” by them too. I was a month out of their extended warranty. He was awfully compassionate as he gave me the bad news, though.

I’ve still got the G3 PB to use. As mentioned, the screen isn’t as nice and it doesn’t have a burner, but I get seven hours off the battery.