Anyone know what happened to Game Basement?

Hi there, folks, how are you? I’m wondering, a while back an excellent site, had this fantastic PC gaming radio on which you could listen to over fifty hours of tracks from PC gaming. Well, the site and the radio station have been down for months, and I was wondering if anyone knew why? I’d love to see the site/radio station back up, and would support it financially if need be. Thanks for your time.

You’re kidding me, right?

Why would I spend the time writing my question if I was kidding? Idiot…

Best. Troll. Evar?

Oh yeah, by the way:

I’ve been inspired. ;)

Now, anyone know what happened to Game Basement?

This is absolutely hilarious.


Now I’m sure he’s trolling.

I think he should have let it play out a bit more before unveiling the graphic. Funny nonetheless, though.

Sorry, I only have my own impatience to blame for that. ;)

I can’t decide if Brian knows who ran Game Basement or not? In fact, I think he has no idea…


Should we tell him?

Me too.
I’m going to spoil the party because this is getting mean.


Brian. Wumpus ran Gamebasement and that Game Radio thing.

Heh, that still doesn’t answer the question, nor does it excuse his behavior…nor mine, really. ;)

OK. If you honestly didn’t know, then I’m sorry I didn’t reply. I thought you were just baiting me.

I did have an offer from someone at UGO to host the PC game radio but after all the negative things I had heard about them, I wasn’t too excited about following up on that. Although I suppose anything is preferable to the current state of limbo it is in.

Sorry to bump and old thread, but it’s better than starting a new one. ;) Has there been any word on this? Also, wumpus, would it be possible get all the songs from the radio station burned onto CD’s if I sent the blank CD’s to you? Thanks.

I got all excited here thinking that wumpus was back. Then I looked at the dates.

Brian, wumpus won’t answer your question because he can’t. He’s been banned.

Oh, my apologies, as I was not aware of that. Is there any other way to contact him?

I was unbanned!

Wonder if this is some sort of record…