Anyone making movie masterpieces?

I’ve been thinking over the last few days, I have a copy of the movies sitting next to me right now from october, and for the last year before it’s release I was counting the days for it to come out, yet I have not created one movie for it period.

First the fact that most of the stuff needs to be unlocked, which would be fine if the game doesn’t bog down into a nightmare of micro management in the 70s-end .

Then I tried loading up a sandbox mode to create some horror movies, and I really just don’t have the energy to sift around dozens if not hundreds of scenes to find the ones I need, and the ones I want aren’t in the game or haven’t been unlocked.

Lastly the rewards for it, are credits used to buy more things to create more movies, but that just goes back to my previous problem.

So has anyone here been able to sit down and create some movies with it? Not 20 second things in the campaign mode, but a few minute long movies that flow well and all that other stuff critics like?

I just about completed a film but i only wanted to do the film if I could get good voice actors… and that’s a LOT more work than getting a movie organised. My enthusiasm waned when my friends laughed at the suggestion :D

I didn’t want to put out something sub par!

The movie-making part makes movies only your relatives will sit through. It doesn’t seem to rise above that.

I’ve been playing the game, enjoying it but it’s nothing spectacular. I took one look at what was involved in making your own movies, and then decided I wouldn’t ever be making my own movies.