Anyone pick up Tomb Raider Underworld?

I’m surprised that I’m hearing so little about a game that I understood to be released this week. I can understand how even a game like this could get lost in the shuffle of Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, and the like, but I can’t even find any reviews anywhere. Has anyone taken the plunge yet, because I’m seriously tempted – I really enjoyed Legend, and the trailers I’ve seen look pretty interesting.

I’ve yet to finish Anniversary (in world three at the moment), but really enjoying it and enjoyed Legend. I’ll pick up Underworld as soon as I finish Anniversary. I’d have picked it up this week but L4D stole my money this week and I promised the wife I’d only buy one game a week during this (amazing) fall lineup.

Reviews seem pretty positive so far.

OK, did find one review so far, 1UP rates it a B.

Eurogamer rates it 7/10

They’ve never made it sound like anything other than Legend MOTS. Which is fine, since I liked Legend a lot, but that doesn’t get it in line before Fallout 3 or another hot new game.

Yeah, the text of that Eurogamer review really sold me on the game. It essentially says that the game is better than Legend in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t make the leap to be anything more, fundamentally, than the previous game. Which I can totally understand. Right after I finished Assassin’s Creed, I tried going back to playing Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and I just couldn’t do it because the jumping felt so clunky in comparison. It’s as if Anniversary was a last-gen game while Assassin’s Creed made the leap to a whole new level.

Nevertheless, I think it will still be worth getting. I won’t be getting it right away. Not until I finish Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Dead Space, Tomb Raider Anniversary, and Banjo & Kazooie. But I will get it once I free up some gaming time.

Does anyone care about Tomb Raider anymore?

And now IGN chimes in with a 7.5 – looks like I just jumped the gun by a few hours.

I care.

Me too. Legend and Anniversary reinvigorated my love for Lara. I’ll jump onboard but (like so many others) not until I finish a few other more inviting and exciting new releases.

Me 3, I will definitely buy this game.

It’s on my list of games to get eventually. I’m wrapped up in Fable 2 right now.

I’m up to the second area (same as the demo level) and I think it’s generally a step up from Legend all around (and I really enjoyed Legend) so it’s probably a pretty safe purchase. There seems to be a bit less hand holding this time out to.

My chief complaint right now is the camera control. My mind might be playing tricks on me but it actually seems worse than Anniversary and Legend.

The camera control is definitely worse. There are an inordinate number of blind jumps you have to make in this game, far more than in the last two. There are numerous situations in which the camera simply can’t be rotated far enough to see what you’re jumping for, and you often have to jump right at the camera and trust there’s something there to grab.

I tried the demo and got frustrated with falling of ledges I couldn’t see. I blame the camera but its possible that I suck.

Maybe we both suck, but since I didn’t have that problem in Legend or Anniversary, I’m inclined to go with camera.

Thank goodness Lara gives clues that she can / can’t make a move when you nudge the stick in the direction (by extending a hand, or leaning forward) before pressing a button or that camera would be unworkable.

Edge gave it an 8, but I haven’t actually got the magazine yet. I was discussing games worth getting and he mentioned their latest reviews (Mirror’s Edge got a 5. I’m guessing they thought "Average game, more like a tech demo).

I really liked Anniversary, by the way, even if the boss battles/cutscenes really detracted from the actual game.

It’s still not going to make this guy happy.

I liked Legend as well, but I still have Anniversary to get through before I even think about this one. I’ve got to stop buying sequels where it’s unlikely I’m going to get around to them before the sequel’s sequel is out…