Anyone playing Blitzkrieg?

It’s essentially a zoomed-in Sudden Strike with more tactical commands. Fun so far, though I’m barely out of the tutorials.


I have been playing it for about 3 weeks. Great game, but the key is using your artillery. The AI cheats by making the enemy stronger, so keep that in mind when you attack with your tanks.

I’ll say! In a couple of the scenarios I’ve played so far, you have to fire your artillery as anti-tank guns in a few places. Again, like Sudden Strike, but on a much smaller scale.


OK, I’m six missions in and I’m getting bored. Each mission tends to unfold the same way-- a variation on the super-sniper phenomena from Sudden Strike: Set up your artillery, keeping an anti-aircraft gun or two in the area to guard against enemy bombers, send out the sniper as a spotter, blow the crap out of the enemy defenses. Repeat as needed. So far, at least, this is pretty much an artillery game (as the other poster said). I only need to send the tanks and infantry in to mop up. :(

Maybe this is just the SOP for the German missions. Are the Allied and Russian any different?


You are right about sop. Yet, I have seen that you can sometimes gain more promotions and/or medals by being a bit reckless. I have learned to save before I try a tactical move because often the enemy will make mincemeat of my armor. If only they would correct some of the imbalances in the game. I have only played the German missions so I cannot speak for the others but I bet it is the same way.