Anyone playing Combat Arms?
Combat Arms is a free FPS shooter in the mold of Counterstrike or CoD4. It’s one of those wacky free asian MMOs that give you most of the game free but sell some stuff for real world money.

Most of the weapons can be purchased with the credits you earn in each battle, as far as I can tell the stuff that can only be bought with real money is mostly cosmetic.

The game modes I’ve seen so far are FFA, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. There’s also a mode called Search and Destroy, but I haven’t managed to play it yet.

If you’re playing or start playing, my nickname there is (unsurprisingly) UnionCarbide.

My username is: u2konline
I will be online this weekend. I think its the best free online FPS ever, cool maps, and weapons.

Things that i want to see: Night Vision Shades, Night Levels, Win more money after matches, and of course more levels.

I would also like to see a editor tool package for the members, because i would like to make some weapons in the game.

The game’s graphics look something like Counter-strike (on par with Condition Zero I would say), unfortunately it doesn’t play like it.

I tried playing the Plant/Defuse Bomb gameplay and it just wishes it was CS, after playing TF2 religiously I realize how much I hate any game that doesn’t use spawn waves (or at least normal spawning). I tried playing the Team Deathmatch, but bless the devs, instead of spawning you close to your teammates, they spawn at preset points, so its pointless to go to the other side of the map since an enemy will just spawn behind you and kill you.

The XP mechanic would’ve been nice if the guns didn’t “decay,” forcing you to lose them after just a few days of using them. Buying the 90-day items requires far more grind than this game is worth.

I tried running the game from Steam (I like to get the overlay), but once again the devs were kind enough to consider that a cheat and not let me start the game.

Sure it’s free, but the time you’ll waste playing this garbage is time you’ll never get back.
For those who like the XP and grind, why not play Call of Duty 4 instead? That game still isn’t CS but at least it looks pretty and the guns you earn don’t disappear.